Innovative Plastic Surgeon Relocates to Boca Raton

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After practicing for years in the Panhandle, Dr. Scott Ennis is taking his business to South Florida.

A board-certified plastic surgeon, Ennis is opening his downtown Boca Raton office this week.

“We love Boca,” the doctor said, adding that it’s more convenient for his international patients.

Dr. Scott Ennis

And Boca seems to love him back—the office already has a month of patients booked.

A double board-certified plastic surgeon, Ennis received his bachelor’s degree from Birmingham Southern College, graduated from medical school at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, and was awarded a Plastic Surgery Fellowship at The University of Virginia. Gifted with a artistic eye—he is a Congressional Art Show winner—Ennis is able to couple his art background with medicine to create a natural look to those undergoing breast augmentation.

“I pick implants that accentuate the body, not distract from it,” he said. “So many plastic surgeons pick implants based on volume. To me, it’s much more important that things match and look nice and fit the body shape.”

A medical technique that Ennis uses to avoid scarring is to have the incision for the implant be in the patient’s armpit. During surgery, he uses tiny cameras to help him navigate through the procedure. When everything is healed, all the patient is left with is a 2-centimeter scar in the armpit. No scarring on the nipples, which can lead to problems, or an unsightly scar under the breast should a bikini top ride up.

“That’s the beauty of hiding it in the underarm—you don’t see it,” he said.

Ennis has been doing this technique for 15 years on 6,000 clients.

Before and after breast surgery with Dr. Scott Ennis
Before and after blepharoplasty with Dr. Scott Ennis

Another technique he uses for better results is using a newer—and fully approved by the FDA—cohesive gel silicone implant. Because of its gummy consistency, rather than the liquid implants of yesteryear, they’re nicknamed “gummy bear implants.” The pre-filled implants avoid leaking—when older-styled silicone broke, doctors would have to go in and remove the sticky silicone. Plus, the cohesive gel is softer, giving it the feel of breast tissue, and it doesn’t leave rippling under the patient’s skin.

With use of technology and newer implant solution, Boca Raton is set to become a place with happy customers.

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