Friday, April 12, 2024

Italian Deli Delight

Need some great deli food for the holiday weekend for starving family and guests? I’m gonna give you a suggestion that will give the part of your brain that screams for “Italian deli” an atta boy, a high five for a place that is SOOOOO good.

V&S Italian Deli & Subs – 2621 North Federal Highway, Boca Raton (561) 395-5206.

Probably the best in class in the Boca Raton area – attested to by the fact that you have to wait in line sometimes 20-30 minutes before ordering. At times, the waiting line can extend out to the entrance with customers foaming at the mouth to devour this establishment’s offerings. This is no exaggeration as every order is filled by an extremely friendly staff member who truly enjoys what they do. My suggestion is to order ahead to avoid the wait. Buyer beware but in the end the wait is worth it.

Now to the food. If your weekend plans suggest that subs are what will bring your guest’s to their knees begging for more, “forget about” Subway, John Smith, Miami Subs, Jersey Mikes. They can’t compare to this place. First order your sub –hot or cold – on crispy hard Italian bread that has sesame seeds. This choice alone will make you stand up and salute. Soft white and wheat Hoagie rolls are available. For example, try their Chicken Parm – it’s over- the- top delicious. Follow this up with their traditional Italian with everything (hot cherry peppers, lettuce, tomato, olives, salt & pepper and oil and vinegar) if you want to taste old-world ecstasy.

This is just a sample of the sub selections available. To top your selection off V&S offers numerous fresh cheese selections that will further enhance the flavor of one of these creations. If you want a sub-shop that gets it, V&S is the place. The establishment offers great value, delightful service and fresh food that will mandate your return when your brain calls out for a sub fix. By the way, V&S’s Tiramisu is the establishment’s secret weapon – it’s, as my kid’s say, awesome.

V&S is open daily from 9-6, Saturday 9-5 and Sunday 10-3. It is closed this Monday for Memorial Day.

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