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It’s a Delicate Subject: Try These Dainty Jewelry Pieces

We’re always looking for a piece of jewelry you never have to take off—and the more delicate the better when it comes to jewelry and accessories during summer 2019.

Of course we love our large statement pieces, but there’s something to be said about a dainty necklace or bracelet you can stack against your sun-kissed skin this summer. Simply put, delicate pieces never go out of style. Here is a roundup of some of our favorite looks.

The Chains

Cleo layering necklace (EIGHT by GJENMI JEWELRY/

Mix, match and layer your necklaces with the texture of a chain. Differently styled chains make the individuality of a necklace really stand out against the neck, and will add dimension if you’re layering. This Cleo Layering Necklace by EIGHT by GJENMI JEWELRY ($35) sold on is the perfect complement to a stackable look on your neck.

The Pendant

Sterling Forever pieces (

The only thing better than a textured chain is what hangs off of it, and again, we want to keep it simple. Whether you’re into hoops, shells, coins or celestial designs, you can’t go wrong with the gold collection from STERLING FOREVER, which recently launched at All pieces are 14K gold plated sterling silver and less than $100. Not only are these pieces perfect for the summer, but they also transition nicely into back-to-school and fall/winter trends.

The Shell Necklace

CENAPOG cowrie shell choker

Does anyone remember how popular shell necklaces were in the early 2000s? Well, we’re happy to report that they’re back! Just like with any trend, the past meets the present with shell necklaces again because they make for the perfect stackable moment. This CENAPOG cowrie shell necklace (only $9.69!) is sold on

Layering Done Easy

All That Glitters is Gold layered necklace (

Stacking jewelry isn’t always easy. You have to make sure the esthetic lines up with the look you’re trying to pull off while making sure the pieces complement one another. If you’re shopping for stackable jewelry you will more than likely find necklaces that have already done the work for you. The All That Glitters is Gold Layered Necklace ($28) on is a perfect example of this.

The Dainty Statement

Maya Brenner asymmetrical initial necklace (

If you’re still not set on the simplicity of layered jewelry you might gravitate toward an “initial necklace.” Not only does this necklace complement a stackable neck, it also brings a pop of dimension to the look. This is probably our favorite ways to embrace this trend and the Maya Brenner asymmetrical initial necklace ($120 and up) from is a perfect example of this.

Lindsey Swing & Lilly Robbins
Lindsey Swing & Lilly Robbins
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