It’s All About the Avocado at Guaca Go

For this month’s edition of our Mom and Pop series, we sat down with Amber Benjamin, co-creator and owner of Guaca Go, to talk all things avocado.

The New York native met her professional and personal partner Carson Bennett when they were both working for a tourism company. Looking for a place to settle down, Amber suggested South Florida because her parents live down here. Today, the couple has been living in Boynton for three years and opened up their first brick and mortar Guaca Go location in the city last August.

Amber acknowledges that it was “a rough start” opening in the middle of a pandemic, and they had a tough time getting the word out about their new business. But once the word did get out, business steadily increased all thanks to their guac family, as she calls her loyal customers.

What makes Guaca Go unique?

AB: We’re taking guacamole from a side and making it a meal. We saw a huge importance in that because it’s a simple food that’s fun and filling instead of just a salad. It’s not traditional guacamole. We’re not serving premade guac with just onions. We have 15 different toppings and extra-special seasonings that you have to come in to try.

What is your goal at Guaca Go?

AB: We want to provide healthy food to people daily, and to be accessible and inclusive. We don’t want anyone to feel intimated to come in. We’re going to treat you like family and get you comfortable with our product.

What’s on the menu? What should we not miss?

AB: Our menu is all based off our fresh-made guacamole and a build-your-own concept. Choose your base–chips, rice, wrap, salad or toast. Then add proteins like carnitas or ahi tuna and then house-made sauces like creamy cilantro lime or lemon vinaigrette. 

You now have another location–tell us about it.

AB: We have a cart at the Delray Beach Market that serves our guac and chips every Friday through Sunday. It’s a smaller version of what we offer at the Boynton location, but it’s good exposure for us. 

What does the future hold?

AB: Expansion is on the horizon. We’re already looking at second location–maybe Boca. 

510 E. Ocean Ave., Unit 106, Boynton Beach; 561/375-9885;

33 SE 3rd Ave., Delray Beach; 561/562-7000

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