The stylish Mizner Park eatery is offering a month-long sandwich special featuring a pair of designer sammies created by Tanzy culinary VP Sherry Yard and two celebrity chefs.

California chef and TV toque Eric Greenspan’s masterwork is the crispy fried chicken sandwich, a slab of crispy clucker on challah bread slathered with pimento cheese, slow-cooked greens, pickles and spicy mayo. L.A. chef and pork maven Ben Ford has come up with a pulled pork grilled cheese sammie that packs barbecued pork, gouda and pickled peppers on Texas toast.

You can get half of each sandwich for $18 (or a whole one if that’s what you like), then you can vote for your favorite via paper ballot or on the restaurant’s Facebook page. Tanzy will announce the winner at the end of the month.