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Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato Rocked It

I’m sure the several thousand underage fans filling the Cruzan Amphitheatre pavilion and lawn in West Palm Beach on Tuesday night would have been satisfied with just about anything the Jonas Brothers or Demi Lovato brought to the stage.

The Disney superstars could have put forth little effort, and still, little girls in frilly skirts would have bounced about in the aisles, tribes of teenagers sporting fan t-shirts would have chanted “Jonas” and “Demi,” and the entire gang would have stirred wildly as their idols began playing a favorite song. But however undiscerning their fan base may be, the JoBros and Demi went full force into each “Jonas Brothers 2010 World Tour / Camp Rock 2 Tour” performance, delivering a first-rate show.

My best friend, a fellow Demi fan, accompanied me to the concert. Between the two of us, we’ve experienced at least a couple dozen live performances by talents like Kelly Clarkson, Nickelback, The Black Eyed Peas, John Mayer and The Script. Young as they are, the JoBros and Demi definitely stacked up. They sang with passion, played instruments—Demi and Nick on piano, the brothers on guitar—and flaunted high-energy moves. Even their outfits were exciting; a sleeveless Joe and Kevin had their muscles on display, and Demi donned a black feather-rimmed dress and a sparkly purple dress.

Combined with dancing lights, pyrotechnics, an elevating piece of stage and a clan of “Camp Rock” friends who joined in on several numbers to sing, dance and leap on pogo sticks (yes, really), the outcome was a truly spirited show even the rainfall that hit about an hour in couldn’t dampen.

With “Camp Rock” in the tour title, I was a little worried the concert might only feature Demi singing “Camp Rock” songs. While there were plenty of those—”This is Me,” “Gotta Find You” and “Can’t Back Down” to name a few—she also performed several of her own, including “Got Dynamite,” “Solo,” “Don’t Forget” and “La La Land,” which made me extra happy to be there.

The second half of the concert, the Jonas Brothers fired up the crowd with a mix of their songs from the last four years, no doubt including “When You Look Me in the Eyes,” “Burnin’ Up,” “A Little Bit Longer” and “Paranoid.”

The entire night was a blast, but the two performances that stood out most for me was Demi singing and playing on piano “It’s Not Too Late,” a bonus track from “Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam,” and Nick performing his solo “Who I Am,” which was accompanied by an inspiring slideshow.

I have to admit, the collection of concert tees for sale in the amphitheatre plaza was also a highlight for me. I had scoured the net for a more mature-looking Demi shirt that wasn’t from her last tour or from “Camp Rock” and couldn’t find one. They had a few solid options up for grabs at the concert, and I was pretty dang thrilled to claim one.

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