Sunday, April 14, 2024

Jose leaves us in the (gossip) lurch

So I read this morning that Jose Lambiet is leaving the Palm Beach Post for a gig at Radar Online, news that I found singularly distressing. He is a much reviled gossip columnist by people he has skewered (and no one is immune) and for the rest of us, he was just another great reason to pick up the Post.

OK, I am still a print newspaper fan and I applaud fine journalism, but I loved Jose’s column and I never missed it.

Sure, he was a gossip monger. But he was also a watchdog of sorts, the kind of guy who went sniffing around and came up with the scoop on well known people misbehaving, breaking the rules, misleading others. In that way I think he was doing what no one seems to do any more; holding people accountable—especially society darlings, power brokers, mover and shakers. He was also one of the hardest working people the business, which is why he was one of the best.

I have known Jose since his days at American Media. I have always tried to include him on any media panels I would host from time to time. I may not have always agreed with him on issues or on reports he published, but I think he earned his stripes long ago and has carried on the tradition of gossip reporting admirably. I am not afraid to admit how much i enjoyed reading him, and how much I will miss him in the paper.

Good luck, Jose!

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