Friday, July 12, 2024

Keep On Truckin’

Back in the day, the biggest question involving four-wheeled kitchens was whether or not the oil in the deep fryer was changed every 3,000 miles. Not so today.

Food trucks are riding high across our cuisine-curious nation— and South Florida leads the pack. So, with stomachs rumbling, Boca Raton set out to find the best in and around our county.

Name the specialty, and we found it—from lobster and conch to cupcakes the size of a silver dollar. We also found that there’s more to the story than the menu. Yes, you need an off-site kitchen and a state license. And yes, the trucks break down.

Still, these businesses continue to take the high road, the low road and all roads in between—in large part, because this is a labor of love. After all, when you hang up the shingle, and the foodies line up to sample your creations … well, that’s sweet.

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