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Kids’ Must-Have Travel Products

As a mom blogger, I get asked quite often about what products parents “need” when traveling with their kids. I personally think these needs change quite a bit depending on the mode of transportation that a family is planning on taking—but for the car? I have some homeruns. And, they are all available on (Prime)!

If your child needs to use the bathroom frequently, you need a: Travel Potty

You can set it up in your SUV’s trunk, in the grass—essentially anywhere that’s hidden from view. You’ll never be struggling to find a bathroom for your child in a pinch ever again. I like the OXO Tot 2-in-1 Go Potty for Travel: SRP $19.99

If you constantly need to access items for your child, you need a: Backseat Organizer

I’m usually the one sitting in the backseat with our 3-year-old daughter making sure she is well-fed, hydrated and occupied for the duration of any road trip. I could not do this without the Munchkin Backseat Organizer: SRP $9.99. I keep everything in there from a bottle of water, trash bags, crayons and my cell phone to hand sanitizer, wipes and napkins. I can access everything easily without having to dig around in bags by my feet or in the trunk. It helps keep our car free of travel debris!

If you have multiple road trip stops, but no bed for your little one(s), you need a:Portable Toddler Bed

Having stopped in Georgia, Delaware and New York on our way up to Maine this summer, I am telling you that you can do better than our sad old excuse for a crib mattress (and save valuable trunk space at the same time) by getting aRegalo My Cot Portable Toddler Bed: SRP $25. I wish I had a picture of my husband lugging our crib mattress and two suitcases across 6th Avenue in New York City. It was comical. This portable toddler bed folds up compactly and even has its own carrying case, so it’s easy to store when you return home.

Speaking of home, our summer vacation is almost over. Do you have any favorite travel hacks or products from your family vacation this year? Comment below!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase any items through the links provided, I will be compensated.

Michelle Olson-Rogers
Michelle Olson-Rogers
Michelle Olson-Rogers, a native to Boca, is the founder of, a lifestyle website for the stylish & modern South Florida Mommy. Modern Boca Mom features family events, activities, classes, fitness, dining, travel, home improvement and shopping options—as well as a weekly MOMpreneur spotlight! She and her husband Andrew have one daughter, Avery.

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