Demystifying Kombucha at Boynton Beach’s Non-Prophet Brewing Co.

Debra K tries kombucha at Non-Prophet Brewing Co.
(Photo by Debra K)
(Photo by Debra K)

If you ever thought drinking a beverage created from bacteria and yeast was a bad idea…you might want to reconsider.

My trek today brought me right to the Non-Prophet Brewing Company, proud producers of kombucha. Located in the heart of the industrial park in North Boynton Beach, they are one of a growing number of local breweries to inhabit this area.

Non-Prophet Brewing Co. was founded in 2014 by Chris Montelius, when he identified an underdressed need to brew kombucha, a fermented tea, in South Florida. Having a background in the other favorite fermented beverage, beer, he was a natural to take on this less intoxicating fizzy beverage.

The name Non-Prophet is a little tongue-in-cheek as he wanted to make sure he didn’t create a brand that relied too heavily on the overall health benefits and sometimes “woo woo” nature of a healing elixir.

“We will never claim to be a magic cure-all, I just think it tastes delicious,” he said.

There are benefits to drinking kombucha, however, and it comes packaged in a crisp, refreshing, mildly tart beverage. Personally, my favorite is the raspberry, lime and ginger; tart with a hint of sweet fruit and ginger. In fact, I brought a whole gallon home.

Non-Prophet Brewing Co. owner Chris Montelius with vats of kombucha. (Photo by Debra K)
Non-Prophet Brewing Co. owner Chris Montelius with vats of kombucha. (Photo by Debra K)
I enjoyed my tour and learned that Kombucha begins with purified water that is then brewed into tea. Once the tea is brewed, a SCOBY is added—a SCOBY being a Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast. Sounds delish, doesn’t it? It really is good for you! The SCOBY feeds on the sugar added to the tea mixture, and through this process becomes carbonated and fermented. It takes about a month for the SCOBY to process the sugar and alcohols and be ready to drink. Flavors and fruits are added near the end of the brewing process.

Fermented foods and drinks are highly beneficial for overall gut health as they populate the stomach with the healthy “bugs” that aid with nutrient absorption, digestion, and help kick out pesky bad bacterias. Adding a glass to your daily wellbeing regimen will not only add health benefit, but it has much fewer calories than soda.

Non-Prophet Brewing Co. is located at 2910 NW Commerce Park Drive #5 in Boynton Beach. They are open to the public Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Stop in to try a few samples and grab some to take home with you. They distribute in about 100 retailers, so you can always grab one at the Woolbright Market in Boynton Beach or at Bedner’s in Delray Beach.

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