Friday, May 17, 2024

Kyboe watches at Miami Swim Week

Miami Swim Week was the place and Kyboe was the watch; the watch company held its first fashion show in the Funkshion tent last week.

A raised platform in the tent was actually a conveyer belt—with mannequin hands wearing the watches “strutting” down the runway. The watches shone and glittered as the lights in the venue changed colors. With popular music and club lighting, it seemed Kyboe could not put on a better show… until it did. Models in bathing suits carrying the mannequin hands or wearing the watches emerged, sauntering down the runway, their suits matching the colors of the watches they were carrying.

What made the show even better was when Kyboe CEO and Boca resident Marc Bell and and his wife, Jennifer Bell, walked the runway at the end, obviously proud of the company’s first fashion show.

There are seven different Kyboe collections and numerous color options within those collections. The only problem is that with that many options it’s going to be difficult to decide which one to buy!

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