The Tahirovic family restaurant is not only turning out the usual pizzas, pastas and Italian specialties, but a number of dishes that reflect their Bosnian and Croatian heritage. Think Sudzukice and Cevapi, Balkan beef and veal sausages; Burek, turnover-like pastries made of phyllo dough and filled with beef or spinach and cheese; and the more familiar Goulash, a hearty meat and vegetable stew, served over pasta or mashed potatoes.

Of course, if you want a classic New York or Buffalo chicken pizza, you can get that too, along with a roster of composed salads, heroes, pastas and DIY entrees that let you match your protein to its preparation (marsala, francese, parmigiana).

Inside, the former La Scaletta space is a lot nicer than your average pizza parlor, with cute little chandeliers, bistro-style tables, a long tile-faced bar and outdoor patio facing a burbling fountain.  La Fontana is open for lunch and dinner daily and weekend brunch.