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Ladies, Get Mad

Our apologies for putting the gentlemen first just this one time, as we continue talking about delectable vintage glamour. But then, the show is called Mad Menand we find old world charm extremely irresistible. Mad Women deserve a show of their own, don’t they? Although Jane Maas, the original “mad woman” tells it like it is in her book a bracing, candid account on women in advertising in the ‘60s. We love gals who keep it real and look the part. Let’s get right to the trends since the new season of the show is almost here:

Trend highlights:

Apparel: Geometric prints; black and white stark monochromatic contrasts; cigarette pants (think vintage twist on the skinny pant).  The fit is a very big deal when it comes to silhouettes—think about Joan’s hourglass silhouettes from the show. Other trends include shift dresses and shorter hemlines a la Megan– perfect because summer is near! You are also going to see the bow dress a lot in this season.

[Photo Credit: Frank Ockenfels/AMC]

Accessories: Stacked necklaces (especially pearls) or statement earrings and necklaces (matched), pointy pumps (we love that trend – nothing says I mean business in the boardroom than these!), oversized sunglasses (Hello, Jackie O!) and bags.

Makeup: Bold eyes complete with the flicked black eyeliner and nude lips, colorful eye shadow and bold matte lips. Love how Betty Draper pulls off the matte red!

The picks:

Bow to you:

We absolutely adore the bow on a dress or a blouse. It’s so feminine! It looks great even on accessories (belts, earrings and necklaces). We love the black and white bow number from J. Crew and the blouse from Piper Lime. As you already know, dots are a very big deal this season and the next as confirmed byVogue Paris so why not combine the two trends?

The bold and the beautiful: Geometric prints add an element of drama during the day and also make a piece versatile. Team with a solid blazer in the day to tone it down, dress it up with accessories in the night. We love this Derek Lamconcoction mixing colors and prints both:

Accentuate: Jewel toned, statement accessories are the it items on our list. We love these earrings from Banana Republic’s Mad Men collection: the line is a collaborated effort between the brand and the show’s costume designer Jamie Bryant.

We’re also in love with this rose Marc Jacobs necklace.

How can we keep shoes out of this conversation? We’ll come straight to the point—of pointy toes and toecaps. They’re all the rage and they’re here to stay. Especially, the mid-heeled ones, they are oh so Jackie O.

Get it made: Brighten your eye shadow palette ‘60s style and all eyes will be on you. Nars has a good variety of pastels and darks in their creamy, jumbo-sized pencils. Smoky eyes and nude lips were a big hit then and are relevant as ever. Sephora has a good simple how-to here.   Bright eyes can complement bold lips, but if you’re doing smoky eyes and want to add the winged flick with the eyeliner, keep the lips simple. Matte was a big trend then and Bobbi Brown has the perfect red and we love the YSL fuchsia, it adds a finish line to the bombshell look!

Women have come a long way from then to the now. Cut to the present withSheryl Sandberg’s Lean In—being a woman in modern times compares to being a trapeze artist trying to balance it all. While we’re at it, who is to stop us from taking glamorous cues from the era gone by?

About Jo:

Jyoti “Jo” Peswani is a fashion maven. As a Chanel-obsessed, published fashion and lifestyle journalist, she definitely has a nose for everyday style. She’s an award-winning copy and strategy girl and runs her own marketing and writing consultancy, The Idea Is {In}. She’s a strong advocate of living (and dressing) creatively and takes great pleasure in denying the existence of “the box.”

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