Larry Laslo’s New Glamour Combines Beauty with Ease

larry laslo

Larry Laslo, a renowned furniture designer and artist known for designing Bergdorf Goodman in the 80’s, graced Robb & Stucky’s grand opening and chatted with the crowd about his New Glamour. We caught him for a quick Q&A: 

Let’s dig right in. First, what IS glamour?

You ask a great question. Glamour is so ineffable! What is it? Glamour is a carefully calibrated mix of style, luxury, drama and beauty. We all know glamour when we see it, don’t we? Think of classic glamour icons: Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Lauren, Cary Grant. And today, Brad and Angie—maybe tarnished a little since the split. Thankfully, we have George, Amal and the twins. The Clooney’s are glamorous indeed!

Robb & Stucky staff with Larry Laslo at the grand opening event. Photo by Alana Arnold Photography.
Robb & Stucky staff with Larry Laslo at the grand opening event. Photo by Alana Arnold Photography.


You coined the term “New glamour” at your recent appearance at Robb & Stucky in Boca Raton. Is the definition of glamour changing?

Glamour is always evolving. New creative interpretations are always in the wind. That said, as a designer and a creative person, I absolutely see an entirely new breed of glamour today. I think it’s here to stay.

What is New Glamour? Help me style spot it.

In the world of design, New Glamour is about beautiful forms, shapes and materials—plus suitability, ease and comfort for today’s world. It’s not special occasion glamour—untouchable, aloof or out of reach.

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Can you give me some examples?

Well, I may have been first to utter the term New Glamour, Robb & Stucky totally gets it. The new Boca Raton store is a shining example of the trend. My New Wave Chest for Chaddock is a great example. It is literally a jewel. The drawer fronts are profiled in an undulating wave pattern, and the entire piece is finished in silver leaf. It glows. I added simple ring pulls on the drawers and an églomisé top.

How would you use a piece like this?

The question is “How can you not use a piece like this?” It’s got glam, but it’s got design legs too! The New Wave chest is perfect bedside, chairside, in a foyer, in a great room. It’s a gorgeous workhorse. That’s the crux of New Glamour.

Is New Glamour an exclusive American trend?

New Glamour is global, no boundaries. However, MADE IN AMERICA, is an interesting New Glamour component. Let me explain. We all crave authenticity today. There’s fake this and fake that. Fake is passé. Good riddance. In terms of furniture and design, people appreciate things that are made by hand. We crave real. If you fall in love with one of my designs for Chaddock at Robb & Stucky—and I hope you do—that piece will be made to order just for you. You can make all your own—but do have one of the Robb & Stucky designers at your side—in a choice of 60 finishes. You might say Chaddock’s factory in Morganton, North Carolina is glamour’s ground zero!

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I’m getting it. New Glamour elevates the everyday, plus it’s authentic and real. Because you are Larry Laslo, the master of color, for my final question, I must ask—are there New Glamour color trends?

I never met a color I didn’t or couldn’t like. New Glamour color trends are wide open. Consider Robb & Stucky’s presentation of my designs here in Boca. Monochromatic color palettes are subtle and so seductive. Strong, saturated color is like a magnet. However, you absolutely MUST have an interior designer guide a color plan. I recently painted a ceiling pink. It was a raging—or should I say blushing?—success. Everyone looked great in that room. I think that kind of color adventurousness is awesome and daring, but must be guided by and expert!

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Written by Kathy Devereux. Sponsored by Robb & Stucky. 

Photo of Larry Laslo by Alana Arnold Photography.