Thursday, November 30, 2023

Lean Cuisine, Delivered to Your Door

This is a post I’ve been meaning to write for weeks but something always seemed to get in the way. If, like a lot of us (me, for example), you’re carrying around a few extra pounds but don’t have the extra time, energy and expertise to cook lighter, healthier meals, there’s a new local business that will do it for you.

It’s called Deliver Lean, a Boca Raton company founded by marketing and technology guru Scott Harris, that employs the services of a trio of chefs to turn out meals with restaurant-like creativity that are also low cal (around 400 calories per serving), free of preservatives and limited in the salt, sugar and dairy.

The process is pretty simple. You choose one of several different meal plans (the typical one is breakfast, a wrap and three plated meals), then sit back and wait for your food to be delivered every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. All you do then is reheat and eat. There are organic, gluten-free, paleo and HCG plans too, or you can get one customized to your particular tastes and/or requirements. For details and cost, check out the company’s website

Among the dishes I sampled was a “salmon satay,” a small piece of herb-dusted fish, not at all overcooked, with a Thai-style sweet-sour dipping sauce a fluffy quinoa salad laced with raisins and cranberries. The turkey medallions in turkey scallopine were modestly flavorful and nicely cooked too, as was a surprisingly bland cashew-crusted chicken that came with giant chunks of zucchini. Only the “Southwestern” egg white scramble was unredeemable, no matter how healthy.

The verdict? I’m far too much of a food slut to give up all my favorite bad-for-you-but-oh-so-tasty dishes. But if you have trouble losing weight any other way, are a complete kitchen klutz and can afford a minimum of $18 a day (plus tax and delivery), then Deliver Lean might just be the deliverance you’ve been looking for.

For a complete breakdown of all the local companies delivering healthy meals to your doorstep, check out the Currents/Body section of the May/June issue ofBoca Raton magazine.

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