Letter from Ukraine

I know this is a random post that has nothing to do with Boca. But I also think it says something about all of us, whether here or half a world away, who are grappling with the ongoing challenges of this pandemic six months in. I got an email this morning from a complete stranger in the Ukraine who wrote to Boca magazine, and me in particular, to remind us what matters these days.

I wonder who these people are, but I think I know them somehow. They are the happy ones, the ones who poke their heads around the corner of your office and remind you to lighten up. The ones who plant tomatoes every year, learn how to tango, who like to talk to people when they’re waiting in line.

Whoever they are, I would like to thank Alexander for writing me this email, for making his wife laugh, and for reminding us all that this, too, shall pass. Here’s what he said:

Good day!

I read your magazine on the Internet and decided to write this:

I am 58 years old. Life is difficult, but we are happy together—25 years together.

And I love my wife. Very.

I want to tell the whole world: LOVE IS!

We live in Lutsk (Ukraine). The wife is looking after our grandson. I work as a house manager (butler). I cook food, I drive a car, buy food, do minor repairs, help plant flowers and sometimes write poems and scripts for social and commercial videos (for my wife and me). She reads these scripts and laughs. I love to watch her laugh.

Please write these words: “There is love! Love will live! ” in your journal.

Best regards, Alexander Genrikhovich.

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