Little Summer Miracles Cooked Up

Magical things can happen in South Florida summertime. Like two stellar chefs pairing up for an affordable and swoon-worthy dinner in the middle of the week when you are normally watching Episode no. 3 of a Netflix series featuring werewolves that no one but you has ever heard of.

This is exactly what happened last night at The Regional Kitchen & Public House when Chef Lindsay Autry teamed up with Man-God Chef Clay Conley on the restaurant’s Pot Luck Wednesdays summer series. Oh my. I am officially over the very notion of a five-course dinner but this one was perfect—each “course” was a tiny serving of divinity, rather than a whole plateful of whatever, which is what usually happens at long multi-course dinners that end up making you feel like a veal.

But this was Lindsay and Clay and each tasting course was brilliant. Starting with two shining discs of tuna with Florida mango and habanero “hot sauce,” crispy yucca and mojo onions, followed by a summer (Georgia) peach salad, a roasted beet agnolotti (orange cardamom butter, Maine lobster, hazelnuts, mache lettuce) and a braised lamb shank hand pie (think empanada that went to college) with green harissa and cucumber raita. Coconut angel food cake with mango ice cream was the light summery finish.

There has been nothing short of adulation heaped on these chefs and last night was only more proof that they deserve it. Of course, I am no food critic (but I was dining with the queen of food critics) and she said they knocked it out of the park (my words, not hers).

So check out the upcoming events at The Regional and chalk up two more reasons to love living here—Conley and Autrey—and especially in the summertime, when magic is most likely to happen.