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LLScene’s Summer 2021 Style Guide

Summer is officially here, and we couldn’t be more excited to share our 2021 Summer Style Guide. It’s time to throw away the sweatpants you’ve been living in for the last year and pull out your credit card for a little online summer shopping spree. Do you feel like you’ve been out of the loop on what’s trending in fashion lately? That’s where we come in, and we have something for every age, body type, and style preference. 

Bike Shorts of the Summer

Bike shorts are trending now more than ever because of the ease of styling them in multiple ways. One pair of bike shorts can make for many outfits. You can embrace this trend for fitness wear or style it as celebrities do, and both are possible at at an affordable price point. You can go from casual to sporty to trendy within a matter of seconds.

Our favorite piece to pair on the top of a bike shorts outfit is a crop top and an oversized button-down. You can even swap out the crop top or button-down to diversify the outfit and keep the entire look affordable and on-trend. Here are some of our favorite flattering bike shorts. 

Fabletics High-Waisted SculptKnit® Biker Short: PURCHASE HERE

Fabletics High-Waisted Seamless Rib Short: PURCHASE HERE

Fabletics On-The-Go 6” Short: PURCHASE HERE

The Shoes of the Summer

You can’t style your bike shorts without an accompanying shoe, and no matter what direction you’re going in, sneakers are always the answer to wearing this trend correctly. Right now, we’re loving Nike’s Air Force Ones or their High Top Blazer Sneaker to top off this look. Not only are these shoes extremely comfortable, but they flatter your legs in the best way possible when wearing bike shorts. We also love these shoes because they’re unisex. So if you like matching your partner, these are great shoes for you to go in on together because they will love them too. Aside from sneakers, we have to mention the latest craze in the “sliders” category, and those are the infamous “Cloudy Slides.” We’ll admit, these don’t scream “fashionable” to us, but they are the most comfortable shoe you could ever have, which is why most people are forgetting that aspect and choosing to walk on air. Our suggestion, buy them to wear as house slippers.

Women’s Nike Air Force Ones: PURCHASE HERE

Nike High Top Blazer Sneaker: PURCHASE HERE

Cloudy Slides: PURCHASE HERE

The Jewelry of the Summer

No summer outfit is complete without complementary pieces of jewelry, and it’s all about pops of color in the summer months. In celebration of Pride Month, we’re loving these rainbow earrings and bracelets for Delicora. As we all know, fashion tends to repeat itself, so be on the lookout for belly chains paired with skirts and jeans, ankle bracelets, and toe rings. It’s all coming back to us now…

Delicora Patsy Bangle: PURCHASE HERE

Delicora Cecilia Huggies: PURCHASE HERE

Maui Belly Chain: PURCHASE HERE

Reggie Thick Anklet: PURCHASE HERE

Pura Vida Chevron Toe Ring: PURCHASE HERE

The Swimwear of Summer

Trends in swimwear change drastically every summer, and this year it’s all about asymmetrical fits in one-pieces and bikinis. It’s like this style was invented to complement every single body type that exists. There’s something for everyone, which is why we love it so much and want everyone to know about it. The biggest trend in swimwear for summer 2021 are one-shoulder and criss-cross tops. A bathing suit is nothing without an accompanying cover-up, and we’re seeing split leg pants and long skirts paired with this summer’s most fashionable swimwear. 

Two-Toned Underwire One-Shoulder Bikini: PURCHASE HERE

Brown Linen Look Maxi Beach Sarong: PURCHASE HERE


The Workout Outfit of the Summer

It’s about time to refresh your workout gear to inspire new motivation and feel your best while working out this summer, and UltraCor is our new obsession in fitness wear because of the high-quality moisture-wicking fabric they use. You can practically feel how soft and durable these leggings are by simply looking at them. They suck you up and help you feel confident so you can take on any workout that comes your way.

We have personally experienced this brand in action and love the patent-pending Compression 360 performance technology with the best fit to sculpt and support you through any workout. The best part is that you can customize your look with Ultracor’s newest vibrant collection. You can choose your color or get all seven, here are some of our favorite hues with color descriptions brought to you by UltraCor. 

  • Emerald – Open your heart to the wild nature within.
  • Stone – You’re the creator of your life’s story, reach for your full potential. 
  • Crimson – Align with your desire, let it guide you.
  • Violet – Tune in to your higher self and bliss will follow.
  • Aqua – Trust your senses, follow your inner vision.
  • Rose – Root within yourself to discover your desires.
  • Neutral – The perfect trusted neutral from downward dog to downtown.

UltraCor UltraColor Exclusive Collection: PURCHASE HERE 

The Skirt of the Summer

We’re combining two trends into one category here, because that’s what you can do when summer rolls around. As we mentioned above in the swimwear section, it’s all about the asymmetrical look this year, and that especially applies to skirts. Insert a nautical theme and a white tee and you have THE casual look of the summer, especially as the 4th of July weekend approaches. 

Nautical Asymmetric Midi Skirt: PURCHASE HERE


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