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Local Hospital Hits Milestone

Boca Raton Regional Hospital hit yet another milestone this year.

Doctors at the hospital’s Marcus Neuroscience Institute treated their first patient with a large brain aneurysm using the minimally invasive Pipeline embolization device. The device allows surgeons to treat oversized aneurysms in only minutes, with patients often making full recoveries, according to a recent hospital press release. Treating an aneurysm using traditional methods would typically take up to three hours,

Brain aneurysms are weak, bulging areas in the walls of arteries that supply blood to the brain. People who have aneurisms often don’t have symptoms, but in this specific case, the patient* complained of headaches and loss of function in her right eye.

An MRI revealed a big bulge in an artery. Nerves stretched around the aneurysm, causing the headaches and eye problem.

“The nerves don’t mind being moved, but only to a point,” says Dr. Shaye Moskowitz, who performed the surgery and directs cerebrovascular and endovascular neurosurgery at the institute. “When the aneurysm grows to the size that it’s stretching the nerves so far, the nerves just stop working. In her case, it was the nerves that make the eyeball move.”

Surgery in this area is dangerous, especially with a large aneurysm, according to the release. So, local doctors turned to the Pipeline procedure. The Pipeline is a small mesh stent inserted into the vessel to redirect blood flow. Within a few minutes, the grape-like aneurysm shrivels to about the size of a raisin, according to the release. In this case, the patient’s nerves are no longer stretched, the headaches have greatly improved and eye function is expected to back to normal.

“This is a great procedure for the right patient with the right aneurysm,” Dr. Moskowitz says in the release. “It’s safe, it’s quick and it fixes an otherwise very bad problem very easily.”

Boca Raton Regional Hospital is at 800 Meadows Road, Boca Raton. For more information about the Marcus Neuroscience Institute,  or call 1-855-MARCUS1 (672-2871).

*Patient’s name withheld for privacy.


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