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Within Arm’s Reach

Why therapist-assisted stretching is the latest wellness trend

Some fitness trends boast results that are a bit of a stretch. But at Lymbr, those results are within reach—no exaggerating necessary.

Lymbr is a personalized stretching therapy service in the Glades Shopping Center. Using Active Isolated Stretch (AIS) techniques, Lymbr therapists help clients stretch major muscle groups to relax, recover and improve athletic performance.

“We’re really focused on athletic performance, on stretching you out,” says Lymbr’s chief creative officer, Angela Lutin. “We’ve been out on the golf course with golfers where we’ll do stretch events and they’ll hit a few shots, and then they’ll come and stretch with us and then hit [the ball] 40 feet longer.”

Unlike physical therapy, which focuses on strengthening muscles that have atrophied, stretch therapy is a collaboration of patient and therapist stretching to increase mobility and range of motion for better athletic performance and handling of everyday tasks.

“With therapist-assisted stretching, they can see the point where we’re able to take our arm, then they’re trained to take it back even further,” Lutin says. “They know the exact place and how often to do it.”

At Lymbr, a visit starts with a visual assessment from a trained and certified therapist. He or she asks about a client’s lifestyle and what is  bothering them.

“Let’s say you have a tight calf. It’s not necessarily just coming from the tight calf. Our issue probably starts in our back or hip,” Lutin says. “They [therapists] are able to connect the dots between where you’re feeling pain and where the actual pain is radiating from.”

After the assessment, clients are treated to a customized stretch session, depending on their goals. On average, Lutin says people come in two or three times per week.

“The great thing about stretch therapy is you really can feel the work from the very first time you experience it,” she says. “Yes, you can stretch, but let us show you how much further we can get. The critical point is when you get deeper into that stretch.”

Lutin has lived in Boca for 20 years and is partially responsible for bringing Lymbr to the area.

“Boca really emulates the healthy wellness lifestyle,” she says. “I know the trends well, and I saw Lymbr as being, unquestionably, the next level of wellness.”

Lymbr Studio, 2200 Glades Road Suite 304; 561/931-0071;

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Allison Lewis
Allison Lewis
Allison Lewis is the associate editor at Boca Raton Magazine and a native St. Louisan. She earned a Bachelor of Journalism and a Master of Arts in Journalism from the University of Missouri in Columbia, Mo. In her spare time, Allison enjoys cooking, playing Ultimate frisbee, reading, traveling and watching sports.

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