Lynn student gets an A+ from us

So last fall I got a call from Lynn University student Jen Stone who needed to do a video project for a class–she wanted to do something she said based onBoca Raton magazine’s Best Of Boca issue and event–maybe interview some winners, cover the process through which we select the winners. I will sometimes do anything to avoid doing my work (especially proofreading) so we chatted for awhile and came up with an idea to talk to three very different iconic chefs in the area–I helped her identify them and off she went. In the process, however, not all of the chefs we selected were easy to snag for an interview -or cooperative (I forgot to warn her about Chef Diva Syndrome, which is all over South Florida.) So she settled on one, and a great one at that: Chef Oliver Saucy of Cafe Maxx. Chef Saucy was pretty much ground zero for South Florida’s culinary revolution in the 1980s and has stayed on the forefront ever since. He has won all the awards, all the accolades over the years – but he’s never said no to a charity event.

Or a student who wanted to hone her interview skills with an interesting subject.

Here’s to Chef Saucy, generous as ever, and to Jen Stone, whom I predict has a very bright future in journalism ahead of her.

Check out the video here: