Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Lynn University Welcomes New Student Center

Lynn University has a new heart—the heart of their updated campus is the stunning Christine E. Lynn University Center.

Located between student housing and the academic buildings, the center opened to much excitement Friday with a ribbon cutting ceremony and a preview for students.

At the center, students and staff will find 24-hour dining options at Mary’s Kitchen, the Career and Alumni Connections office, Center for Learning Abroad, a campus store filled with Lynn University swag, Christine’s bar and coffee shop, and more.

The main entrance leads to the welcoming Irving and Barbara Gutin Living Room, and the multipurpose space called Elaine’s is outfitted with a stage. On the third floor, a coworking space provides a hub for students and budding entrepreneurs.

Those of us who have been residents since 1980 or before are gasping at the transformation from the original Marymount College to the College of Boca Raton to Lynn University. Thanks to the generosity of the late Gene Lynn and his wife, Christine, and the hard work, dedication and vision of Dr. Donald and Helen Ross, that little College has flourished.

Ribbon cutting for the Christine E. Lynn University Center at Lynn University

Now under the leadership of their son, Dr. Kevin Ross, the school is booming with 3,000 students attending. Christine Lynn continues her giving and this building is sure to become the pulse of the University. Many of the spaces are named after benefactors and they are many in number.

“We’ve been planning for and dreaming about this moment and the significant impact it will have on our campus for many years,” Ross says in a press release from the school. “This is where we connect people, programs and spaces to create a collaborative culture for student success.”

So congratulations to Lynn University, its leadership, benefactors and community—you make Boca Raton proud.

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