Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Lynn University’s Fashionistas of the Future

The future of fashion is becoming a shared universe between reality and technology. For instance, we’ve seen in recent years fashion shows simultaneously morphing into both physical and virtual realms by utilizing various forms of technology including green screen mapping and the metaverse. Then, there’s the ever-elusive concept of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) used in the metaverse which I will not even attempt to address in this article. 

With the highly multi-faceted fashion industry continuously moving at a rapid pace, I turned to Lynn University College of Business and Management Associate Professor Dr. Andrew Burnstine. Nicknamed Dr. Fashion by his students, Dr. Burnstine has been teaching and chairing fashion marketing and design programs for more than 25 years. 

My conversation with Dr. Burnstine not only left me inspired, but also excited to learn how Lynn University is equipping its students to be thought-leaders and innovators in the fashion industry and beyond. “I get goosebumps when I think of how we are incorporating technology, innovation and creativity into our programs. We are on the map, but this is going to take us into a whole new stratosphere,” says Dr. Burnstine. 

During our passionate chat, the recurring themes of technology, innovation and collaboration emerged, which were very much aligned with today’s buzz-worthy terms and what we’re seeing the major fashion houses and emerging brands incorporate into their businesses. In other words, the students at Lynn University are prepared to become the “fashionistas of the future.” 

Dr. Burnstine and his colleagues are teaching students to think outside the box with technology as a tool to innovate. COVID accelerated the use of technology not only across all industries but also right here at Lynn University. At the height of the pandemic, Dr. Burnstine’s students produced a virtual fashion show that included live streaming and mapping technology. 

Podcasting has also proven to be a great alternative for students to present their work over the now-mundane PowerPoint presentation. Dr. Burnstine confirms that “students are getting very tired of doing PowerPoints. They are looking to do three-dimensional presentations and because of that, many are now producing their own podcasts.” 

Exciting collaborations amongst brands continue to pop up all over and Lynn University is fostering that synergistic mindset. “It’s a very collaborative environment among the various departments and great partnerships with outside organizations are being formed,” says Dr. Burnstine. 

At the end of the day, fashion is a business. With all of the Colleges at Lynn University working together and passionate educators such as Dr. Burnstine leading dynamic programs, students are reaping the benefits of a multi-disciplinary educational experience that is giving them the hands-on know-how and confidence to do great things beyond the classroom.

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