Make Your Large Diamonds Work for You

Diamond Banc specializes in helping clients get the most value for their large diamonds. Diamond Banc has unparalleled experience in working with clients that have diamonds of 2 carats or larger or substantial diamond jewelry collections.

Whether they’re looking to sell or would like to use their diamond to obtain a Jewelry Equity Loan, Diamond Banc has experts who take every value adding factor into consideration to get them the most money possible.

Selling Your Diamond

If you’re looking for the quickest way to unlock the liquidity in your diamond, then selling it outright to Diamond Banc is your best option. Diamond Banc makes industry leading offers everyday because they understand the market and have connections to diamond buyers, cutters and retailers all over the nation. Diamond Banc will gladly show clients comparable diamonds that are currently available in the wholesale market to reassure them they are getting top dollar.

Get a Jewelry Equity Loan Using Your Diamond

If you’re interested in unlocking the liquidity of a diamond but can’t bear to part with it, Diamond Banc offers their clients the unique option of a Jewelry Equity Loan. With this service, clients still receive the same amount they would if they were selling the piece outright to Diamond Banc, while still retaining ownership. During the duration of the loan the piece is kept in Diamond Banc’s secure vault and once the loan has been repaid the item is returned. Diamond Banc loans have monthly interest rates that are competitive with other personal loans that use similar collateral to secure the loan. They also offer flexible repayment plans and encourage additional principal payments. Diamond Banc has an 85 percent loan redemption rate and are professional and easy to work with.

VIP Sellers Agent Service

Diamonds and jewelry collections that will yield the seller $50,000 or more are eligible for Diamond Banc’s transparent VIP Sellers Agent Service. Diamond Banc exclusively markets the client’s pieces nationwide through a variety of platforms including private collectors, the nation’s top retailers, connected dealers and auction houses. Advocating for top dollar for clients, Diamond Banc charges a transparent, fixed percentage commission on each transaction. Their interests are truly aligned to yield their clients the most money possible. During the process their client’s identities are kept strictly confidential.  

With this service Diamond Banc also provides clients with the most recent sale comparables and other like items on the market to assist them in establishing an optimal asking price. This is notably different than the standard mechanics of a buy/sell transaction, where the buyer never disclosed to the client what they ultimately sell the item for. With Diamond Banc’s Sellers Agents Service, the curtain of the industry is pulled back to show maximum transparency, much like working with a real estate broker. Clients are welcome to view all selling contracts and Diamond Banc’s hard costs incurred to market the piece from transportation to photography. Clients are provided a closing statement with their check once an item sells, outlining all financial aspects of the transaction.

Mills Menser, the founder of Diamond Banc is personally involved in the VIP Sellers Agent Service transactions and regularly speaks directly to clients. If the client needs funding prior to receiving the maximum sale proceeds, Diamond Banc can extend a sale advance loan.  The most unique aspect of the service is that Diamond Banc is a hired agent of the client and is contractually obligated to operate solely for their best interest, an arrangement unlike any other in the industry.

Benefits of Diamond Banc

The name Diamond Banc is derived from their mission to offer clients the same professionalism and confidentiality of a traditional bank, allowing clients to turn to their jewelry for their liquidity needs.

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  • Professional
  • Confidential
  • Discreet
  • Quick
  • Transparent

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