Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Man Power 2022: Danny Goldsmith

Owner, Goldsmith & Complications

Fueled by his fascination for the intricate artistry of handmade timepieces, Danny Goldsmith is putting Goldsmith & Complications on the map as a global watch destination.

Since opening his Delray Beach boutique last fall, Goldsmith has been busy expanding the number of brands that horological enthusiasts can experience in person at his showroom. The most recent additions are Schwarz Etienne and Blaken—two enterprising companies that are catching collectors’ attention. The list of brands for which Goldsmith & Complications is an authorized dealer will continue to grow in the coming months, Goldsmith promises. “We have several exciting brands in the works, but we’re waiting for the right time to make an official announcement.”

Goldsmith is already an authorized retailer for some of the world’s top luxury watchmakers and clockmakers, including Angelus, Oris, Purnell, L’Epée, and more. Rarity is one of the top traits collectors consider when researching a new timepiece. Goldsmith caters to that by focusing primarily on hard-to-find brands like Urwerk, which only makes about 150 watches for the world every year. “One of my biggest thrills is showing someone a watch from a brand they’ve only read about in watch magazines. I can totally relate, because I feel the same way when I discover something new,” Goldsmith says.

In addition to new timepieces, Goldsmith & Complications also offers a selection of pre-owned watches that regularly includes fan-favorite brands like Rolex, Audemars Piguet and Patek Philippe. “If you’re passionate about mechanical watches, you’ll find something for your wish list in our pre-owned collection,” he assures. Whatever makes you tick…

Goldsmith & Complications

411 E. Atlantic Ave., 200 W., Delray Beach, FL 33483


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