Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Man Power 2022: Dr. Joseph Purita

The Institute of Regenerative Medicine

When it comes to looking younger and feeling better, Dr. Joseph Purita, founder and medical director of the Institute of Regenerative Medicine in Boca Raton, has the knowledge and resources to help patients do just that.

As a double-board-certified orthopedic surgeon and regenerative physician, he is a pioneer in the use of regenerative cells for orthopedic ailments and has even developed highly effective protocols for systemic conditions, like autoimmune diseases.

“We utilize the patient’s regenerative cells and look at disease in a more scientific, rather than traditional, way,” Dr. Purita explains. “We don’t just practice regenerative medicine; we set the standard for it.”

Dr. Purita treats patients with a more natural, less invasive approach, as opposed to surgery and/or long-term pharmaceuticals.

“The majority are looking for an alternative; they don’t want to face long, traditional recoveries,” he says. “We have a very active population that comes to us with various orthopedic sports injuries, along with other systemic inflammatory conditions.”

Dr. Purita, who has lectured on six continents on regenerative medicine and is considered a leader in the industry, saw such great results that he opened his own regenerative medicine practice 10 years ago—and has never looked back.

“I get bored with the mundane and always try to innovate to see how I could treat my patients more effectively,” he says. Dr. Purita and his staff look forward to many new, exciting things coming to their practice later this year.

The Institute of Regenerative Medicine

200 Glades Road, #1, Boca Raton, FL 33432


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