As esteemed editor of the editorial page At the Palm Beach Post, Randy Schultz is never at a loss for words—or opinions.

Randy Schultz, 61, started his career at the height of journalism’s glory days, the era of Woodward and Bernstein, The Washington Post, Watergate— a far cry from today’s shrinking newsrooms, ailing newspapers and digital media boom. In 1974, the year Nixon resigned, Schultz took a job as a sportswriter for theMiami Herald after graduating from the University of Tennessee. Two years later, he began what would become a long and respected career at the Palm Beach Post, moving up the ladder from sports columnist to special projects reporter, city editor, assistant managing editor and managing editor. Since 1990, he has been editor of the editorial page. He and his wife, Shelley, are longtime residents of Boca Raton; their two children are grown. Schultz has seen firsthand the dramatic shift in American media, brought starkly home in 2008 when 300 Palm Beach Post employees were either laid off or given early retirement. It is a trendthat has continued throughout Florida and the nation, with well over 1,000 jobs lost from the Post, the Sun-Sentinel and the Miami Herald in our region alone. We asked Schultz to weigh in on the state of the media—as well as some of the issues facing South Florida today.

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