Marriott’s Gingerbread Tiki Hut, and Tips To Improve Your Gingerbread House

Marriott gingerbread house

Marriott’s hut is all sugar, spice and candy

At the Palm Beach Marriott on Singer Island, a tropical tiki hut with palm leaves as the roof has been built in the lobby – with gingerbread and candy.

The hotel has a history of creating these fantastic holiday displays made with pounds of sugar and lots of different candies, and 2020 is no exception, thank goodness.

Pastry Chef Kursten Restivo is responsible for this year’s building, which will be in the lobby through the holidays. 

Want to build your own? For home chefs, Chef Restivo recommends thinking outside the box.

“They may be called gingerbread houses, but that doesn’t mean it has to be the shape of a house,” she says. “Get creative with different shapes.”

Chef Restivo also notes that the royal icing needs to be thick to hold the house together. For optimal thickness, use a whisk with a mixer. And for fun decorative pieces, melt down Jolly Ranchers to use as stained-glass windows.

More tips: 

  • Use cardboard as the base of the gingerbread house scene, and cut a hole under where the house will sit. Buy an inexpensive nightlight, remove the cover, and poke the light through the hole underneath to give it an illuminated effect. 
  • Skip the wafers and use Snickers for creating textured walls, like a brick chimney. Slice the Snickers bar very thin for the best effect.
  • Nerds rope candy in Christmas colors is great to create a stringed light effect on the roof, or to fashion a wreath.
  • Use different colored almonds to create a dynamic roof effect.

Palm Beach Marriott Singer Island Beach Resort & Spa, 3800 N. Ocean Drive, Riviera Beach; 561/340-1700;

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