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Boca Mausoleum’s Rotunda Brings Peace to All Who Visit

The Boca Raton Mausoleum is a quiet, pensive place with tranquil gardens blending seamlessly with the elegant structures on the property. The gem of the property is right in the center of it all—the Rotunda Building.

Mausoleum Manager Fritz Miner

Made of white Italian marble with intricate stained glass window art, its elegance and serenity instantly bring a sense of peace to all who visit.

“It was built in 1989, but it looks like it was built yesterday,” says Mausoleum Manager Fritz Miner. “We keep it in pristine condition.”

The Rotunda provides a quiet, comforting space for guests to grieve and honor their departed. Pink and gray tiling line the floors, beautiful areas and luxurious chairs and benches accent the space. Overhead is the centerpiece of the space, a soaring dome letting in natural light that floods the building.

Within the interdenominational Rotunda are private family rooms giving guests privacy for remembrance and reflection. The rooms feature six side-by-side crypts as well as gated entrances. Miner says that many families opt to personalize the space to make it more comfortable, bringing in couches, rugs, lamps and other decor.

Family room in the Rotunda

There are also individual crypts and niches, which have room for memorialization.

Other than the aesthetics of choosing the Rotunda as the final resting place, there’s also the convenience. With Florida’s erratic weather families can pay their respects without worrying about the rain or summer heat. Rather, they’ll be within the confines of an air-conditioned building with the comforts of leather-tufted seats.

Open since 1971, at the highest point in Boca Raton, the mausoleum is expanding. New construction should be complete in April and the additions will include four outdoor open-air mausoleums buildings consisting of 1,000 new crypts and 360 niches. Named Grace, Heritage, Dignity and Repose, they complement the existing 26 mausoleums buildings on site.

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Christiana Lilly
Christiana Lilly
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