Monday, May 20, 2024

Max’s Social House shows off seasonal menu

Max’s Social House—or SoHo as I like to call it—is our catcher’s mitt when the Avenue is just too crowded, or we’re in the mood for a cool (and imaginative) bite rather than a full-blown dinner. And what is extra special is that it changes up the menu and the cocktails regularly, so nothing really gets even a little bit tired.

The most recent iteration was “unveiled” the other night, and I couldn’t go because sometimes my life is all about doing things I have to do rather than what I want to do (And no one wants to miss a media tasting at SoHo.)

But fear not—I got a full report from Nancy Kumpulainen, the closet foodie in the office, who never misses anything—and is pretty much on the money when it comes to what’s what in the world of cool restaurants with great chefs. Here’s her quick take on what not to miss at SoHo—and why we need to go, like, tonight:

• New outstanding cocktails for this season that will warm you right up: the bourbon Soda Popinski’s Soda Fury and a Star Fox tequila drink

• Ap you want to make a dinner of: the falafel bacalo croquetas

• Sandwich that went to culinary college: the monkfish pastrami “Reuben”

• Dishes of the night: the rainbow trout “Meunière” (pictured) and the Peking duck confit por deux

Naturally all of the classics are still holding down the fort, including the bahn mi dog, the burger, the pimento cheese dip, the bone marrow and oxtail marmalade with latkes—and we could go on. The point is that SoHo continues to give us its best shot with innovative high-flavor menu items, first-rate food, and an atmosphere that is easy, fun and welcoming.

It’s fresh, it’s real, and I for one am lining up with Nancy for the next menu tasting.

Max’s Social House, 116 N.E. 6th Ave., Delray Beach, 561/501-4332

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