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South Florida Medical Experts: Dr. L. Scott Ennis

Dr. Ennis graduated from medical school at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB). He received many accolades, including the Best Intern award and the Outstanding Chief Resident, an award given to the doctor regarded as the best physician by his fellow doctors. Following UAB, he was recruited for a Plastic Surgery Fellowship at the University of Virginia, considered one of the best Ivy League university hospitals in the country. During his tenure, Dr. Ennis published a paper in The American Surgeon on a new procedure to repair injuries suffered by victims of major trauma. Surgeons around the world now use this procedure.

How has your artistic background impacted your surgical techniques?

I knew in high school when I won the Congressional Art Show for my drawings, which were displayed in the Capitol building in Washington, DC, I had a keen eye and knack for 3 D facial and body features. As a double board certified plastic surgeon, I find it easy to put all of the pieces together to create a masterpiece for my patients, capturing their unique characteristics and ethnicity, providing natural looking results without the unsightly pulled look of overdone plastic surgery.

What is the VIP surgical experience you provide??

My discerning patients travel worldwide to indulge in a concierge VIP experience before, during and after their procedures. This includes Rolls Royce transportation to the Boca Raton Resort, private exclusive entry and opulent amenities. Myself and my wife, Donna, a double board certified nurse practitioner personally make hotel house calls to monitor their healing process.

What is the benefit of the Buccal fat removal procedure you perform?

Attention to the finest details can make the difference between an average result and an amazing result. The buccal fat pad is an often overlooked aspect of facial surgery. This fat pad migrates to the bottom of the face and can make the face appear heavy at the bottom and thus older. This can be easily removed through a small incision on the inside of the mouth, reducing the volume and narrowing the lower part of the face giving it a much more youthful appearance.

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