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Medical Profiles: Be Your Best at Any Age

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In this special section we introduce readers to innovative medical professionals who provide specialized treatments and programs that improve their patients’ quality of life throughout their life cycle. Whether helping patients feel better about themselves, improving appearances or providing guidance and expertise for healthier living, all share a deep passion for their patients and a creative approach to caring that truly sets them apart.

Rose Glamoclija, R.N.
“Our focus is on tailoring care and personalizing service by carefully matching caregivers and clients.” Rose Glamoclija


What It Is: Private-duty nursing care is one-on-one personalized quality care provided to patients whether they’re at home, in the hospital or in another facility.

How It Improves Quality of Life: By receiving quality nursing care and medication management in the comfort of their homes, patients avoid unnecessary complications, thus improving the quality of life.

Who Should Get It: Quality private duty nursing care is for anyone needing the highest level of care that can be provided by nurses, therapists or aides.

When she started Boca Nursing Services more than 17 years ago, Rose Glamoclija, a registered nurse with many years of experience caring for clients, made it a point to provide concierge private-duty nursing care that truly focused on the needs of the client.

“I saw a great need for kind, dependable and professional caregivers,” she said.

Although her business has grown, Rose continues to make sure she meets all of her clients and to personally get to know how she can best provide them with the services and special attention they might require.

She also personally selects all of the caregivers on her team – whether they are care managers, RNs, LPNs, therapists or aides – to ensure that they provide the personal and individualized service that best meets the needs of her clients and their families.

To ensure continuity of care and to help create peace of mind for her clients and their loved ones, Rose has developed a team approach that provides patients with a consistent team of caregivers.

“I meet with the patients and immediately know which caregivers would be best for them,” says Rose. “We then establish a team that stays on the case, often for many years.”

With the team approach, caregivers are able to provide consistent quality service because they are better aware of the patient’s needs, preferences and routines. The team approach also helps maintain continuity of quality care even during a staff transition, with other members of the team helping to ensure the client receives the same high-level of care.

“At Boca Nursing Service, it’s always been the personal touch that has made the difference,” Rose says.

Boca Nursing Services 342 E. Palmetto Park Road | Boca Raton | 561/347-7566 340 Royal Poinciana Way, Suite 322-B | Palm Beach | 561/ | License # HHA20196095


Dr. Cristina Frexes Keusch, M.D. “I’ve had many patients tell me they not only look better but they feel stronger throughout their core following an abdominoplasty.” Dr. Cristina Frexes Keusch, M.D.


What It Is: An abdominoplasty is a surgical procedure used to remove excess stretched abdominal skin and repair a weakness in the central abdomen, often following pregnancy or significant weight loss.

How It Improves Quality of Life: In addition to improving aesthetic appearance and reducing excess skin, an abdominoplasty can help relieve core and back discomfort related to a separation in abdominal muscles also called a diastasis.

Who Should Get It: Abdominoplasty benefits women who have completed their childbearing years and want to look and feel better, as well as men and women who have experienced significant weight loss.

At Boca Raton Plastic Surgery Center, Dr. Cristina Frexes Keusch often sees patients who want to restore their bodies to their natural shape and repair abdominal weakness that can develop following pregnancy or due to the loss of excessive weight.

In many cases, according to Dr. Keusch, an uncomfortable abdominal bulge develops as a result of the weakness, which can also interfere with a patient’s daily routine.

“It can create discomfort as the individual tenses the abdominal muscles,” Dr. Keusch says. “The weakness can also make it uncomfortable to do something as simple as getting out of bed and it can limit the ability to exercise.”

In some patients the weakness in the abdominal wall also can upset the balance between the abdominal and back muscles, resulting in back pain. For many, the solution is often an abdominoplasty – sometimes referred to as a tummy tuck – which restores the tightness of the abdomen.

A surgical procedure that can be done either in a hospital or in an outpatient surgical suite setting, the abdominoplasty helps repair the stretched tissue that has been separated during pregnancy or by excessive weight. It also eliminates the vertical midline bulge in the abdominal wall that often results from increased internal abdominal pressure.

“This is something the body can’t fix by itself,” Dr. Keusch says.

During the abdominoplasty, Dr. Keusch uses permanent surgical sutures to tighten the stretched area, stitching together the lining of the two abdominal muscles on either side of the midline.

“Through the surgery we’re able to repair the weakness and reinforce the abdominal wall,” she says.

Excess skin is also removed during the procedure in addition to contouring with liposuction if necessary. Abdominoplasty is a major surgery. Patients are restricted from heavy exertion for about six weeks following the surgery. In many cases, however, the positive impact of the procedure can be seen immediately.

Soon after her surgery, patient Harmony Cox noticed that the back pain she had suffered from for years had disappeared.

“Now I feel better and I look better,” said Harmony, whose family noticed an improvement in her posture. “The surgery helped me feel better about myself.”

Boca Raton Plastic Surgery Center 950 Glades Road | Boca Raton | 561/368-9455 |

David J. Blyweiss, M.D.
“What we’re doing with functional medicine is allowing your body do what it was designed to do.” -David J. Blyweiss, M.D.


What It Is: Functional Medicine is a deeper approach that looks beyond the symptoms to find causes of chronic ailments.

How It Improves Quality of Life: Functional medicine gives patients the ability for a fresh start, bringing them back to the healthier beginnings they once had.

Who Should Get It: Functional medicine benefits patients suffering from chronic degenerative disease who have been unable to find solutions elsewhere.

By the time patients reach the office of Dr. David Blyweiss seeking help with anything from digestive ailments to rheumatoid arthritis, they’ve usually endured years of discomfort and may have spent thousands of dollars searching for relief.

What they discover at the Sanctuary Medical Aesthetic Center is that Dr. Blyweiss’ approach to helping them feel better is much different from what they’ve experienced in the past.

One of the country’s 30 some full-time practitioners in the relatively new field of functional medicine, Dr. Blyweiss spends more time trying to find root causes of ailments than he does addressing the symptoms.

“When patients come in the office, my job is to find out why they have the problems they do,”Dr. Blyweiss says. “It’s never just one thing.”

To find what is causing their symptoms, Dr. Blyweiss and his team conduct extensive evaluations, including a two-hour conversation during which the doctor inquires about everything from family and medical history to hobbies, foods and work habits. Patients also fill out a daily diary for a few days that provides Dr. Blyweiss with additional valuable clues.

“I ask questions that no one asked before,” he says.

Usually he discovers that ailments are due to a blend of five main causes: stress, toxins, allergens, microbes and poor nutrition.

Through his unique, science-based approach, Dr. Blyweiss is helping patients restore a natural balance in their bodies that has been impacted by environmental changes such as modern processed food diets, longer work hours and toxins in the air, food and water.

“Our culture and our society have changed a lot over the last 150 years, but our bodies have stayed the same,” he says.

Following the extensive assessments, patients receive a treatment plan that often includes simple lifestyle changes, such as a healthier diet and the addition of supplements or bio-identical hormones. Dr. Blyweiss schedules an hour follow-up exam and an additional 30-minute visit to review and monitor the plan.

“What we’re doing is getting rid of all the bad things you’ve put into your body and putting in the good things that you’ve been missing,” Dr. Blyweiss says.

For patients, such as the 55-year-old woman seeking relief from rheumatoid arthritis, treating the cause of the problem has had a dramatic impact. “Functional medicine,” she says, “œgave me my life back.”

Sanctuary Medical Aesthetic Center 4800 N. Federal Highway, Boca Raton  |  561/886-0974,

Rafael C. Cabrera, M.D., F.A.C.S.
“This is not an “infomercial face-lift.”It takes a lot of work to achieve invisibly excellent results.” – Dr. Rafael Cabrera


What It Is: Facial rejuvenation performed by a Board Certified Plastic Surgery Specialist. Local anesthesia together with one-pill sedation and no overnight stay. Recovery can be complete within 7 to 14 days.

How It Improves Quality of Life: We have enough to stress about in life, elective surgery should not add to that. Patients can enjoy a short, painless recovery and quickly get back to their normal routines.

Who Should Get It: Anyone wishing to leave the drama behind and achieve natural, long-lasting results utilizing the safest surgical and anesthetic approaches.

Dr. Rafael Cabrera often hears a common response from his patients after they have had a face-lift with him. “I can’t believe how drama-free the whole thing was.”

Drama-free is how it should be; anything other than that is just not acceptable to Dr. Cabrera. Often, he will request that his patients throw away any preconceived notions they may have on elective plastic surgery. He goes on to explain to his patients that elective surgery should not be dramatic, traumatic, look weird or threaten your safety. Simply drama-free.

Plastic Surgery Specialists of Boca Raton is committed to excellence. Pure and simple, this resolution guides everything it does. Dr. Cabrera’s personal surgical techniques have evolved over the 15 years since he completed his training with the “masters” at New York University’s Institute of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery. Dr. Cabrera is committed to flattering your best features and subtly reversing signs of aging. Face-lifting is an art. The art is in removing excess skin, restoring flat contours, and smoothing and rejuvenating the skin.

Fat replacement and laser light are used concurrently with minimally invasive surgery to achieve the balance of natural results and short painless recovery.

The best part of this drama-free experience is that this can be done with simple pill sedation, local anesthesia and no overnight stay. Dr. Cabrera, with more than 10,000 surgeries performed, has an unparalleled safety record.

951 N.W. 13th Street, Suite 4A | Boca Raton | 561/393-6400 |

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