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Medical Profiles: Boca Raton Plastic Surgery Center

Dr. Cristina Frexes Keusch, M.D.

“Many patients feel a sense of empowerment when achieving their ideal breast shape. They want to feel as comfortable in a nightgown as they do when they’re fully dressed.”

Procedure: The LeJour Breast Lift

Benefit: The LeJour Breast Lift offers more complete sculpting of the breast with less scarring.

Who Should Get It?: The LeJour Breast Lift benefits women who have a greater degree of relaxation in the breast and who want to be less dependent on a bra or implant for shape.

For many woman, restoring the natural shape of the breasts and reducing sagging that often follows childbirth or weight loss can have a positive impact on both appearance and self confidence.

“Following a breast lift, our patients tell us that they feel more feminine and more youthful,” says Dr. Cristina Frexes Keusch of the Boca Raton Plastic Surgery Center.

Known for her ability to provide patients with a natural-looking result, Dr. Keusch has been using the innovative LeJour Mastopexy method to provide patients with breast lifts that have less scarring and often better shape than those done using traditional anchor techniques.

With the LeJour method, Dr. Keusch is able to restore the youthful contour to the breast, with or without implants, depending on the individual patient’s needs. The technique, which requires a circular scar around the nipple and then a vertical scar to the breast crease, offers more opportunity to rearrange breast tissue than other similar procedures.

Also known as the “lollipop lift,” the LeJour Mastopexy leaves less scarring than lifts using the anchor incision.

Dr. Keusch – who received her medical education at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, and her plastic surgery training at Harvard Medical School’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital, as well as Boston Children’s Hospital – has been performing the LeJour Mastopexy for more than 15 years and has discovered that it is popular with younger patients as well as those who have seen increased breast sagging as a result of aging.

“Typically, our patients are looking for a natural look, not one extreme or another,” Dr. Keusch says. “Many have heard about us from their friends who are also patients.”

Boca Raton Plastic Surgery Center

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