Meet Natrelle Inspira Soft Touch Implants

You’ll Be So Glad You Did

In the world of breast implants, there are many great options. But finding an implant that you truly love and that looks and feels great on your body is a task that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Most women seek out breast implant surgery if they are not happy with their current breast size, if they are experiencing sagging or aging, or if they have noticed unwanted changes after pregnancy and breastfeeding. Deciding on the surgery can be easy but sometimes choosing the right implant can be the hardest part.

Luckily, from the trusted brand Natrelle comes the Inspira Responsive, Soft Touch and Cohesive Implant line of implants there are a lot of options to fit each woman’s needs. However, Dr. Scott Ennis can really make the decision a whole lot easier. With an awesome natural feel and a rounded, volumized look, you can’t go wrong with this new modern, real-feel option. Here’s a closer look at all these implants have to offer.

What’s Inside the Inspira Soft Touch Implant?

You may still be a little eerie of silicone implants thanks to all the news buzz about them that started in the ’60s and ’70s. It’s true the original silicone had some issues and they were taken off the market for many years. However, today’s modern silicone is completely different and approved by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) for use after the age of 22. The new modern silicone is made from a gummy gel silicone that’s less likely to leak, but gives you the real feel and look that everyone loves about silicone implants.

These new versions of silicone implants actually hold their shape extremely well and provide the beautiful fullness in the upper breast that we associate with a youthful breast. With the Natrelle Inspira collection, you’re even able to personalize how much volume you want in your breasts. The more cohesive or firm the silicone that’s added, the fuller the look.

About Breast Implants

Dr. Ennis details what you should know about breast implants:

Personalizing Your Implants  

Everyone has different body proportions and your surgeon really does know what looks best on your frame. After your consultation, you’ll get to decide how full you want your implants and how much you want them to protrude out from the chest.

With the Natrelle Inspira Responsive, Soft Touch, and Cohesive Implants, you absolutely can’t go wrong. With any size, you’ll get a rounder, fuller look that also feels amazingly natural. These soft touch implants are sturdy and give you roundness while minimizing any wrinkling or unwanted lines.  

What is The Recovery Time Like With Soft Touch Implants?

Your recovery with any of the Natrelle Inspira Soft Touch implants will be no different than any other breast implant surgery. You’ll have a consultation with Dr L Scott Ennis to discuss your procedure, how long it is expected to last and anything you may need to do before your surgery. After surgery, you’ll be given steps for recovery and you’ll need to follow-up with the proper massage and exercises.

Dr. Ennis describes the breast implant surgery recovery process:

How Do I Get Natrelle Inspira Soft Touch Implants?

If you’re considering breast implant surgery, contact Dr. Ennis’ office and let them know you’re interested in the soft touch silicone implants. During the consultation, Dr. Ennis will walk you through what may look best for you and all of the things you can expect from choosing to go with the Natrelle brand to picking the right size, profile and style to fit your body as well as your goals.

With implants this modern and beautiful, you can’t go wrong with choosing the soft-touch option. Feel free to reach out today with any questions you may have.

How do I hide the scar?

There are several options for incisions that are used to place implants; around the nipple, under the breast or in the underarm. Dr. Ennis is one of the few surgeons in the country who specializes in placing silicone gummy implants through the underarm, also known as transaxillary, so there is no scar on your breast!

You certainly don’t want to be self-conscious about a scar on your breast when the entire goal of the procedure was to enhance the beauty of them.  Dr Ennis offers the transaxillary approach so the scar is hidden in the crease of your underarm and there is no scar on your breast!

Dr. Ennis details the “No Scar on the Breast” procedure

Finding Your Fit

If you have questions about your implants or want to know more about the Natrelle Inspira Soft Touch implants, we’ve got just the team for you. At Ennis Plastic Surgery, our elite team can help you get exactly what you’re looking for. In fact, Dr. L. Scott Ennis is highly-regarded and has been named one of America’s Top Plastic Surgeons, one of the Ten Best plastic Surgeons in Florida based on patient reviews, and Realself’s Top 100 cosmetic surgeons in the Country. If you’re ready to make your life change happen, Dr. Ennis and the team at Ennis Plastic Surgery in Boca Raton are here for you.

Dr L Scott Ennis and Ennis Plastic Surgery can be reached through their website at or by phone or email at 561/266-4344 or or at their new state of the art surgery center at 233 S. Federal Highway Suite 110, Boca Raton Fl 33432.

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