Meet Oleda Baker at Book Signing and Art Exhibition

Some things just never get old.

That adage doesn’t typically apply to people, but in the case of Boca resident Oleda Baker it should. The ageless wonder, 76, looks as striking now as when she earned a living as a Wilhelmina model some 50 years ago.

What is her secret? You can read all about it in her latest work “Breaking the Age Barrier: Great Looks & Health at Every Age” Baker’s 10th anti-aging, health and beauty book. Baker will be signing copies of the book this coming Wednesday (Feb. 23) from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Yaacov Heller Gallery in Royal Palm Place. The multitalented entrepreneur/fine artist also will display her latest oil paintings.

Boca Raton profiled Baker last summer in its Our Town section. Here is our original story on the CEO of Oleda & Co. Inc.

It’s with good reason that people refer to Oleda Baker as a walking billboard for the health, beauty and anti-aging business she has run for some four decades. At age [now 76], the former model could still turn heads walking a runway. Even her doctor marvels at his patient’s condition, commenting in her latest book, Breaking the Age Barrier: Great Looks and Health at Any Age, that Baker “consistently scores [on medical testing] as would a healthy person at least 25 years younger.”

“I’m happy to have one more birthday,” says Baker, who has lived in Boca the past [11] years with husband Richard. “The alternative is to be six feet under. I don’t choose that. So I’m going to look my best, feel my best, and live as long as I can in a healthy, happy way. So far, I’ve done it.”

Seeing certainly is believing when it comes the preventative methods that Baker has espoused in nearly all of her 11 books on health, beauty and diet. She started writing about the subject while still modeling in New York for the prestigious Wilhelmina Agency – a career on which Baker didn’t embark until the rather late age (in modeling years) of 26.

But her passion for the subject didn’t stop at the written word. When her modeling career ended at age 38, she developed her first jar of anti-wrinkle face cream, an item that launched the Oleda and Company Inc. mail-order business (now based in Fort Worth) that, today, features more than 300 products for everything from weight loss to care for the skin, hair, eyes, hands and nails. Baker works hands-on with scientists and doctors at six laboratories to develop reasonably priced products that follow the latest breakthroughs in anti-aging treatments.

If that wasn’t enough to keep her busy, Baker also has rediscovered, in the past five years, a love for oil painting that she had abandoned for more than two decades. The Museum of Florida Art in DeLand featured 19 of her pieces at an exhibition titled, “Imagining Flora and Fauna.”

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