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Missing Your Hair? Give It a Second Chance, You Know You Loved It!

Reminiscing about that full head of hair that gave you so much confidence? Wishing you had that youthful look back? Considering a hair transplant but concerned about a scar? 

If you’re experiencing hair loss, it can be a scary and frustrating time. You might not know where to turn for help. You might not know that there is hope for healing your hair and restoring your locks to their former beauty.  Take control of your hair loss with an exciting procedure known as FUE hair restoration. The latest in technology is here at Ennis Plastic Surgery, NeoGraft 2.0!

Losing Your Hair 

Throughout the years, your hair has been growing at a normal pace. This means you usually see about one inch of hair growth every two months but only about ⅓ of your hair is actively growing at any one time. As the hair follicles go through their growth cycles, some follicles will grow for a while and then stop and fall out and new ones will start growing.  But as you age or experience life changes, you may notice your hair is thinning or falling out. 

What is actually happening is that your hair follicle is shrinking and creating shorter, finer strands as time goes on and the growth cycles become shorter. Eventually, your hair is falling out but not being replaced by your body. 

A Procedure That Works 

In years past, hair restoration was only achieved by a procedure that removed large areas of the scalp and hair called a follicular unit transplant, or the strip method. The strip method required a large area of follicles to be removed meaning sometimes the follicles were damaged during the transfer. This procedure also left an awful scar on the back of the head which was nearly impossible to hide, especially if you decide down the road to cut your hair short or just shave your head. Today, we recommend using an exciting new procedure that can help generate new hair growth and keep your hair follicle intact without leaving any unsightly scars. Neograft 2.0!

NeoGraft 2.0 FUE Hair Restoration

During NeoGraft hair transplant, an innovative procedure, we take hair from the back of the head one follicle at a time and transplant it to the front. The living follicle grafts continue to grow hair in the new location of the scalp. It’s very exciting! Individual follicles are removed during the process to create optimal results with little to no follicle damage and does not leave a linear scar! The NeoGraft 2.0 FUE system works much better than the strip method because your full, healthy hair can be restored without this unsightly linear scar. The FUE system can not only restore hair on your scalp but also on eyebrows or your body too. It can also hide scars from previous linear harvests.

Other amazing benefits of the NeoGraft 2.0 FUE Hair Restoration process include: 

  • Little to no scarring with no linear scar on the back of the head
  • Minimal downtime and a speedy recovery 
  • Minimal discomfort without the need for a deep anesthesia.
  • A minimally invasive procedure with no sutures, no scalpel incisions, and no linear scars
  • A special pneumatic pressure system that extracts individual follicles and yields more positive results. 

Is The Time Right? 

At Ennis Plastic Surgery, we are so excited to go on this journey with you. If you fit the following criteria, hair restoration might be a great option for you: 

  • You’re in good health 
  • You have moderate hair loss 
  • You have an ample amount of donor hair available at the back of the scalp (the more donor hair, the better the outcome!) 

New Hair, We Care 

A hair restoration procedure is a wonderful gift you can give yourself to restore confidence and appearance. When it comes to a hair restoration procedure, the team at Ennis Plastic Surgery is ready to help you with your entire planning experience. Dr. L. Scott Ennis is specifically skilled at crafting beautiful, fresh hair in the implant area and you won’t believe the results. He is highly-renowned and has been named one of America’s Top Plastic Surgeons, one of the Ten Best plastic Surgeons in Florida based on patient reviews and Realself’s Top 100 cosmetic surgeons in the country. 

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