Mixology Mixer Improves Your At-Home Cocktails

Photo by Rinck Content Studio on Unsplash

The South Florida-based company Mixology Mixer has created a way for you to enhance your cocktail repertoire. While wine lovers have a slew of wine clubs to peruse, now cocktail fans have a newly launched monthly subscription program called Club Mix. When you support this local woman-owned business, you’ll receive a new cocktail kit every month with a different theme. June’s theme is “Make Your Mark,” where you can learn how to make a Kentucky Shandy with Maker’s Mark whiskey, and July’s is “U.S. of YAY!” with a tutorial on how to make a Summer Spritz. 

There are three, six and 12-month subscription options, and each one comes with one or more spirits plus all the mixes and garnishes you need to make three different drinks. You can access a video tutorial to learn on your own time or join the live expert virtual mixers. 

Mixology Mixer also offers corporate cocktail mixers for team building in addition to culinary kits where you can learn from a professional chef how to make dishes like Thai massaman chicken curry or mushroom risotto.

For more information visit mixologymixer.com/pages/clubmix.

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