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Money saving tips from John Shuff

Our consumer expert, Renita  Perrone, blogs weekly about different ways consumers can save money at the grocery store. When putting on the feedbag, her ideas are creative, thoughtful and I will take a second look before making a final decision to lay down the green. I’d like to offer a few ideas that might save you big bucks when purchasing an appliance or wheels (an automobile).

Recently my dryer suffered a temper tantrum and went on strike. In our house, the washer and dryer are still in big demand – a necessity.  So my wife, Margaret Mary, began the process of calling appliance stores and obtaining quotes. The best price she could get quoted for the dryer (including installation and delivery) was $725.  Thinking this was over the top, she happened to spot a delivery truck from Vida Appliance which prompted her to call them and ask for their best price.

They did better than that. They suggested that she might look into purchasing scratch and dent washer and dryer combo for $700 (delivery and installation included). Scratch and dent means damaged in shipping, but carries the same warranties as a new machine. Without hesitation she opted for the Vida offer and we are now the proud owners of a new washer and dryer and, at the same time, have saved those valuable greenbacks.

Next time you’re in the market for appliances, ask your dealer about the availability of these scratch and dent models. Based on our experience, you will save lots. And that’s an idea you can take to the bank!

Another tip: For years I have used Brian McGrath, owner of Progressive Motors, in Pompano Beach when buying, or leasing, a new or pre-owned vehicle. He is dependable and takes the hassle out of having to go back and forth on price, or be isolated in that little room with the dealer’s sales manager who is telling you what a great guy you are and why you should sign on the line and be the proud owner of an automobile from his dealership— at his price. I’ve never been much of a negotiator and have always felt uncomfortable in these situations knowing that I was getting screwed somewhere in the deal.

The next time you are in the market for a new or pre-owned vehicle please call Brian McGrath at 954-785-8600. Again, I believe you will experience the expertise of a professional who will save you money and, at the same time make this a fun experience. I have always walked away from my dealings with Brian with a smile on my face and with the knowledge that I’ve gotten a very competitive deal.  Give him a call and you’ll find this to be true.

By the way, in my 30 years in this business, Progressive Motors has not a dime with us on advertising.

Happy Shopping!

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