How Motherhood is Truly “The Greatest Show”

While climbing the ladder, I try not to look down. That’s the thing about learning the trapeze…going up can actually be the scariest part of the whole experience. I listen to my supportive daughter screaming, “Go Mommy!” from the ground. But, all I hear in my head is the famous line from “The Greatest Showman” as I ascend to the top of the platform: Ladies and gents, this is the moment you’ve waited for…

Then, I jump.

That’s motherhood in a nutshell, isn’t it? Taking chances. Leaping into the unknown. Life’s greatest show. I had no idea that a group lesson at Club Med Sandpiper Bay’s Flying Trapeze School would turn into such a poignant analogy for parenting!

That’s how my family and I spent a recent weekend in Port St. Lucie…at Circus School with fabulous instructors, Kevin, Larry and Ben. And enjoying the all-inclusive amenities at the resort of course. We were invited to stay at Club Med’s Florida property, and it was the perfect starter club for us. Not too big, not too small, close to home and plenty of things to do for everyone.

The writer tries the trapeze

Club Med Sandpiper Bay, approximately one hour and 15 minutes north of Boca Raton, stretches along the St. Lucie River and features lush vegetation, ridiculous sunsets, water sports, tennis, golf and the aforementioned Flying Trapeze School (which guests can participate in starting at age 4). The property also has a complimentary Kids Club (which also starts at age 4) or a paid childcare option for infants to age 3. Sandpiper Bay has several amazing pools, a playground and splash pad for attendees to enjoy. Let’s just say our 5-year-old daughter took great advantage of these features while we enjoyed the amazing adults-only pool area.

We’re still new to the all-inclusive vacation scene, but there’s something pretty special about not having to worry about paying for food, drinks and tipping throughout your stay. We didn’t even have to bring a wallet with us! Each guest upon check-in at Club Med Sandpiper Bay is supplied with a special microchip wrist-band that serves as your room key and credit card.

The writer’s daughter, Avery, enjoys the sunset.

All of the included food at this property is served buffet-style at one restaurant called Marketplace, which disappointed me a tiny bit at first since I’m a table-service restaurant kind of gal. However, the taste and quality of the gourmet cuisine far exceeded our expectations. Don’t even get me started on Club Med’s signature breads! Plus, there’s a fully stocked wine fridge available for guests who’d like to bring a bottle right to their table. It ended up being a really convenient way to dine.

As for the rooms, they are recently renovated and very nice. Our deluxe accommodations included a separate child’s room with two twin beds (and a bonus powder room), so our daughter had her own space to sleep. Don’t you find that to be key on a family vacation? I loved that my husband and I could continue to hang out after our daughter went to sleep early. (Club Med Sandpiper Bay also has an evening babysitting service available called Pyjamas Club for an extra fee that we did not have a chance to try out this trip.)

At the end of our stay, everyone in our family left the property reluctantly…but happily. We really enjoyed Club Med Sandpiper Bay—it’s great for a single- or group-family vacation. It’s a blast! And if you go, don’t be afraid to try out the Flying Trapeze School either.

As a mother, I highly recommend it.

Club Med Sandpiper Bay, 4500 SE Pine Valley St., Port St. Lucie, FL 34952; 888/932-2582;

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