A New Pizza Spot, and a New Pizza Shot

Pizzeria Sophia, The Sophia Pizza with fresh mozzarella, tomato sauce, Parmesan, fresh basil and EVOO.

If October is National Pizza Month, what does that make the other 11 months? I thought they were all pizza months, because when I haven’t planned dinner in advance (or even thought about it all day), I still have the Pizza Option: order in a pie, or make one myself. Either is a comfort right now, so needless to say, I’ve been eating a fair share of pizza.

Here are two more places to satisfy the pie craving:

Pizzeria Sophia, 15065 State Road 7, Unit 400, Delray Beach; 561/359-2606; https://pizzeriasophia.com/

It’s safe to say owners Frank Crupi and Joe D’Arelli are rabid fans of Sophia Loren. So much so that they named their new pizza restaurant after the famous actress, and specifically, after her role in L’oror di Napoli (The Gold of Naples), where she plays a pizza maker. 

They serve everything from starters to salads, sandwiches, classic Italian dishes to desserts, plus local brew and Boylans old-fashioned cane sodas (ginger ale, cream, black cherry, orange, etc.), which is an NYC favorite. 

Death by Pizza, 32 SE 2nd Ave., Delray Beach; https://deathbypizzadelray.com/

This could be called “Death by Ordering As Fast as You Can,” because that’s what this pop-up pizza spot is all about – exclusivity and deep dish, Detroit-style pizzas. Detroit-style means the pizza is basically constructed backwards, cheese first and tomato sauce last.

There is no phone number to call; you order online, starting at noon on Mondays. The menu (about eight different choices) is posted online before the window of time opens to order – and there are a limited number of pizzas. They go quickly. You pick them up the following Sunday, after a wait time of six days. The fanatical following says these pies are worth the wait, at $20-$26 apiece. Koby Wexler, of Delray Beach’s Two Fat Cookies family, is the pizza guru behind this concept that launched in early September. 

Those in the know use the Tock online reservations service to try and guarantee an order–here’s the link: https://www.exploretock.com/deathbypizza?tock_source=tock&tock_medium=search_nav

Set your alarm for noon today and cross your fingers for a pizza!

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