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Needle Points

One way to soften a pesky facial line or wrinkle is with a medicine derived from a lethal toxin known to cause weakness—even paralysis. But that hasn’t stopped botulinum toxin, which is FDA-approved in three medicines for cosmetic purposes, from becoming one of the most popular age-defying treatments.

Most know it as Botox; the other neurotoxins on the block are Dysport and Xeomin. All work equally well to reduce wrinkles and lines that make us look angry and older, but Botox grabs the bulk of the headlines. We asked Delray Beach dermatologist Thomas Balshi (4665 W. Atlantic Ave., Suite B, 561/272-6000, and Boca Raton plastic surgeon Daniel Man (851 Meadows Road, Suite 222, 561/395-5508, for their insights into the Botox revolution.

■ Pros: Botox is simple to administer and offers dramatic results, Balshi says. An in-office treatment involves injecting Botox straight into the wrinkled area—and then going about your day. All this, Man says, with minimal discomfort.

■ Cons: Today’s botulinum toxin options last three to six months, before needing a re-do. Side effects from the preparations approved for cosmetic use are generally mild, “like injection site bruising or a headache afterwards,” Balshi says. While rare, worse things can happen. Improperly administered injections can result in cockeyed eyebrows, sagging eyelids, double vision and more, Man says. To avoid those, go to a doctor with experience, board certification and a good reputation.

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