Nerds Unite at Churchills

Marc With a C, the Orlando musician over whom I spilled much ink on this blog earlier in the week, has a habit of landing on bills in which he’s usually

the odd duck out. Last night’s show at Churchills in Miami was no exception. Marc played first, scheduled for 8:45 but not actually taking the stage until 9:25 (this being Churchills-time and all). None of the acts that would follow him over the course of the long evening sounded anything remotely like Marc’s earnest, acoustic-driven forte, though I was pleasantly surprised at the positive turnout he received, even at the relatively early hour of half-past 9.

Marc opened with the morbidly comic “I Will Repurpose Your Heart” from 2009’s “Losing Salt,” then dove into the old favorite “I’m In Love With Everyone I Know,” which grabbed the audience’s attention with its references to the cult movie “Heathers,” the filmography of Christian Slater, his hatred for “Glee” and an unfortunate incident at a monster-truck rally. He made some fans with this song, connecting, at the very least, with several members of the some of the other bands. By the end of his short 35-minute set – which included a couple of out-of-left-field cover songs, three more back-catalog titles and four tracks from his latest LP, “Motherf***ers Be Bullshittinâ'”, he had amassed a nice little throng of followers eating out of his hand.

The rest of the bill – which I did not stay for in its entirety – was a mixed bag of music, including the theatrical, horror-core hip-hop act Razors Edge; the heavier, industrial leanings of Phoenix/Nebulin; local noise-pop favorites Dyslexic Postcards; the gleefully vulgar nerd-core roustabouts NoEmotion GoldMask; and the unabashedly geeky Orlando act Sci-Fried, whose songs touch on “Star Trek,” zombies, pirates and the usual fare. By the end of this strange bill, you might have been able to make some sense of what you just saw – it was like the iPod playlist of an open-minded nerd. Frankly, more concerts should genre-hop as much as this one did.