(The Silverspot lobby)

In an interview with me several months ago, Randi Emerman, marketing director for the now brand-new Silverspot Cinema in Coconut Creek, forecast the theater as being “like iPic on steroids.” After touring the theater this week, just a few of days before its proposed grand opening Friday night, I would disagree with this analogy. I would argue that Silverspot is more like iPic on Quaaludes, and I say that as a compliment.

The Mizner Park hot spot iPic, for all its innovative approaches to luxury moviegoing, can seem too dependent on the bells and whistles. Cinephiles who want to lose themselves in the movies don’t necessarily appreciate the full-service experience, with its regular interruptions from wait staff. This won’t happen at the more down-to-earth Silverspot, where, as CEO Francisco Schlotterbeck told the media this week, “to experience the movie is the most important thing for us.”

To that end, food will not be served inside the auditorium—though guests can take in selections from the snack counter, which includes pizza, chicken fingers and the now-ubiquitous sliders. There will be no intrusions from the outside world, and even the packaging of the products, the interior design of each auditorium and the seats themselves are colored entirely black, wrapping up attendees in a comfy cinematic cocoon.

Located in the Promenade, the burgeoning outdoor shopping, dining and banking center of Coconut Creek, the 11-screen Silverspot advertises itself as a boutique theater, but it does match the upscale standards of iPic in other ways. There is no box office, so guests are encouraged to purchase tickets online or at five electronic kiosks near the entrance, where they’ll buy assigned seats. The interior design of the lobby is minimalist-chic. A bar dispensing bottled beer, wines and cocktails greets you upon entry, and, as Emerman points out, “your wine bottle will fit in the cupholders” of the seats.

And speaking of those seats: These lumbar-supported, hand-stitched pockets of leather heaven are justifiably one of Silverspot’s proudest calling cards. Every seat is like a first-class plane accommodation, and those prone to falling asleep in the middle of a film will find no impediment to their problem here.

Emerman, who is also president of the Palm Beach International Film Festival, is most excited about the programming of Silverspot, which will screen independent and art-house fare in addition to top-grossing Hollywood titles. Concerts, ballets and operas will be simulcast, and Schlotterbeck is looking into streaming sporting events as well. Other mini film festivals, including a Shakespeare fest in the fall, will also distinguish Silverspot from its peers.

(The Silverspot lobby bar)

The Coconut Creek location is the second Silverspot theater in Florida (the first has been operating for the past six years in Naples), and another is due in Miami Beach in the fall of 2016. Schlotterbeck brings more than 20 years of theater experience to this venture, which is on track to be the first LEED-certified cinema in Florida, and one of just 11 such cinemas in the country. By June, the theater’s attached restaurant, still unnamed but conceptualized by the acclaimed David Burke Group, will bring New York-style sophistication to pre- and post-movie dining.

Combining sustainability with luxury isn’t always easy, but Silverspot hopes to pull it off, while attending to the entertainment and cultural needs of this underserved region in North Broward. Tickets will cost $14.50 for adults and $9.75 for children, with discounts for seniors and matinees, and with small additional fees for 3D movies. The theater will open to the public today at 4443 Lyons Road, Coconut Creek. For information and show times, visit silverspot.net.