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New Year, New ‘Do: Tips from Celebrity Hairstylist Ricardo Rojas

A new year symbolizes new goals, bigger dreams, resolutions, and even perhaps a makeover. Coco Chanel once wisely said, “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” She understood the personal influence on one’s confidence and the transformative power of change. A good hairstyle is more than just hair! 

With this boldly confident attitude fresh on our minds, I called celebrity hairstylist Ricardo Rojas for his 2024 hair do’s and don’ts. You may also know him as Juan Jose, Seema Patel’s hairstylist, on the “Sex and the City” Season 2 spinoff “And Just Like That,” but, in real life, Rojas boasts an extensive roster of superstar clientele including Cher, Mariah Carey, Donatella Versace, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, Naomi Campbell and Kate Upton, just to name a few.

Personally, Rojas has a special place in my heart because of when we met a few months ago at Paris Fashion Week. With his Charlize Theron-inspired vision, I put my trust into Rojas’ skilled hands. What started as just a drastic haircut turned out to be transformative beyond the surface. With that being said, we could say that we were a tad bit ahead of this year’s trend. Read on to learn more about all things hair by the one and only Ricardo Rojas!

Ricardo Rojas

Let’s start with asking what hair trend is out this year?

Long hair is out, no question. For me, the shorter, the better.

What is a hair trend that you think should go away? 

Long hair, Kardashian style!

What hair trend do you forecast for 2024?

Short up the shoulder like Hailey Bieber or even shorter like you, Olivia. Short hair accentuates the face, neck, and shoulders. It’s time to stop hiding behind hair that is much too long. We want to see women shine with their vivacious fabulous personalities.

What do you recommend to a woman who is considering going short, but she’s not quite sure? 

First of all, you don’t necessarily need to go short in one go. You can certainly cut in baby steps if that is less daunting. Ultimately, I think short hair on women is actually very feminine, sexy and even playful. It’s definitely very chic! There is also a misconception that short hair is not as versatile as long hair, but there are so many looks to do with short hair. Also, some women don’t consider going short thinking that their husband or significant other won’t like it. However, that is not true. Specifically in Europe and Argentina where I grew up, women with super short hair has been a forever trend and they have that “je ne sais quoi” appeal.

When it comes to hair color, what is the biggest mistake you see over and over again?

I feel sometimes colorists do not recommend the right tones and even the proportions when it comes to hair color. For me, hair color is equally as important as a good haircut.

In terms of celebrities, who nails hair time and time again? 

Hailey Bieber—I always love her haircut and color, especially as a brunette. However, she is also pretty with blonde hair. 

Hailey Bieber via Shutterstock

Any noteworthy male hair trends for 2024?

I see guys with long hair this year. I think guys are so sexy with their hair longer which you see more of in Europe, especially in Paris or Italy. You also see some hotties with long hair in Argentina. 

For hair care, what should we be doing?

I love a hair care regimen that you can see instant results and I’m happy to share that I created a hair care line featuring antioxidant powerhouse Yerba Maté as the key ingredient. You get instant shine while also creating great texture. Two of my best selling products are the Mask and Serum.  

Is there such a thing as too much treatment?

Less is more with the right products. I do recommend that when washing your hair, wash your scalp too. Can you imagine going to bed and not taking off your make up? Not really! It’s the same with your scalp. In general, I’m not a fan of using dry shampoo and too much hair spray and treatments. I usually recommend one shampoo like my Yerba Maté Super Shine Shampoo for every day use because it is very gentle and cleans your scalp, leaving hair super shiny and healthy.

What is it that you love most about what you do?

I love to create! For me, my clients, as you know, become my friends. I love to beautify people and help bring the best out of them.

Best advice you’ve ever received in business?

Don’t take anything personally. Things work out, but when they don’t, just move on to other great new opportunities.

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Olivia Hollaus
Olivia Hollaus
Olivia Hollaus is the Founder and Creative Director of Protect My Shoes, a brand focused on creating stylish, sustainable, and practical shoe care products. She loves fashion, design, and all things fabulous, so she’s always on the lookout for what’s new and unique. Aside from running her own business, Olivia is the proud mom of two boys who keep her on her toes. IG: @protectmyshoes

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