By: Cathy Ann Sauer

By now you know what you’ll be doing or where you’ll be going for New Year’s Eve. But do you know what you’re wearing?

Some New Year’s invitations state flat out what the dress code is. Half the battle won. Whew. Others are more ambiguous. You start to panic at the thought of being over or under dressed. This is phone-a-friend-time to ask the question programmed into all females… “What are you wearing?”

Here are a few tips to consider while deciding what to wear New Year’s Eve:

1.  First of all, if you are going out on the town, whether the rules are clear or not, wear what you feel comfortable in (Not sweats and hoodie). I mean wear the appropriate attire, but feel comfortable. New Year’s Eve is a long night.

2.  If you’re dressing up, get a focus. If it’s a dazzling, sparkly gown or dress, tone down everything else – let the dress make the statement. If you go for a beaded dress, big earrings, sparkling necklace, beaded shoes, jeweled clutch, and bangles you’ll look like you’re in need of an electric socket rather than a martini.

3.  If you’re dressing down, add one touch of snazz to your outfit. Black sequins or crystal beading works well here. Just a hint of surprise to an otherwise informal look.

4.  Don’t dress blah. It’s New Year’s Eve for goodness sake. Put your outfit together with the thought of being festive – whether dressy or casual.

5.  Consider a tux. There are some fabulous tuxedos available this season. It’s a look you have to be comfortable with to pull off. Ultra stylish and sexy.

6.  Carry a handbag. This one accessory can make an outfit, and on New Year’s Eve, supplies come in handy. Lipstick, tissues, breath mints, aspirin. A fun jeweled clutch is a good choice – but reread #2.

7.  If you just stay home in jammies with a good book and Times Square on the TV, have fun with that too. Last year Mom and I got in bed with a bunch of junk food and watched the festivities on TV.  We wore our best pajamas and glitter tiaras. So much fun.

Whatever you do, bring in the New Year in style. They say the way you bring in the New Year is a marker for the next 12 months. Put a fashion exclamation point on yours!

Best wishes for a stylish and safe New Year’s Eve.

Cathy Ann Sauer is a buyer for Nina Raynor in Delray Beach and fashion contributor to Boca Raton magazine and our sister publication, Salt Lake magazine.