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A Boca couple launches an information site free of political influence

It’s Nov. 3, the day of the 2020 presidential election. But the headlines on a west Boca entrepreneur’s news website have nothing to do with vote counting, battleground states, controversial tweets or any of the era’s Beltway paroxysms large and small.

Instead, visitors to Paul Einbinder’s find articles about what the hibernation of bears can teach humans, how the children’s song “Baby Shark” became the most-viewed YouTube video of all time, and the best way to increase the trees and shrubs in your home garden by using hardwood cuttings. Einbinder’s venture, which he launched in June 2020 with his wife, Karen Isaacs, is as straightforward as its name, offering a respite from the political news that has come to dominate mainstream and alternative media alike. So the site’s founders scour the internet for reliably sourced information and human-interest stories that don’t make it onto cable newscasts or the front pages of newspapers.

“The real crime is that you have to dig,” says Einbinder, 63. “You have to creep around to find that, say, 150 people died in an explosion in Nigeria…We’re being denied quick access to other information.”

Einbinder and Isaacs chose a bitterly polarized year to start a website that endeavors to exist above the fray, which makes Einbinder’s work that much more challenging; sometimes he has to rewrite or edit out biases in the articles he aggregates.

“It’s condescending to constantly tell people, ‘we have to tell you how to interpret the story,’” Einbinder says. “I can’t be the only one who thinks this way…It’s like, it’s enough already! What else is out there?” Later in 2020, the couple launched to cover the day’s political stories without a slant.

A self-described“semi-hippie” in his youth, Einbinder grew up on Long Island with an avid interest in emerging green technologies. But he ended up sharing a career with his father, who ran a business in Manhattan’s Garment District.

It wasn’t until 2019 that he circled back to his passion for eco initiatives, founding Eco Prefer Solutions, an online company selling natural pest-control products, bamboo drinking cups and more. Paul and Karen moved to west Boca full-time in 2017. “We said, ‘let’s just stay here and reinvent ourselves,” Einbinder recalls. Today they balance their time between NewsWithoutPolitics, NewsWithoutBias and Eco Prefer.

And though NewsWithoutPolitics is a labor of love—it has not welcomed advertisers as of this writing—it is gradually catching on, and the founders have an ambitious business plan, hoping to add sponsored content, video interviews and, possibly, a cable TV show as early as this year.

Einbinder sees in his target audience the overly saturated consumer eager for an escape. “You might check out the politics of the morning [in other media] and fill yourself up with it—but I want to make it an easy go-to place to see what else is out there.”

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