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Norton Museum’s PR Man Records Gun Safety Song

We’ve been hearing for months about the possibility of a “blue wave” that may flip the levers of Congressional power this November. Scott Benarde, the P.R. professional for the Norton Museum of Art, is hoping that a similar color wave washes over our lawmakers: an orange wave.

“Orange” candidates, according to Fred Guttenberg, father of Marjory Stoneman Douglas victim Jaime Guttenberg, are politicians that support gun safety legislation. It’s an offshoot of his Orange Ribbons for Jaime nonprofit. Like the Ice Bucket Challenge, Guttenberg’s #OrangeWaveinNovember challenge went out to dads on social media this summer, urging them to make videos relevant to the issue of gun safety.

That’s where Benarde, who has been an opponent of expansive gun legislation for years, came in. A rock musician and historian, he wrote an original song, “For the Love Of …” (“Turn November Orange”) and filmed an acoustic performance of it in June for his “OrangeWave” challenge.

But his contribution to the cause didn’t end there. A friend in Nashville invited Benarde to his home studio to record a full-blown electric version of the tune, which Guttenberg name-dropped last week during an appearance on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” Benarde allowed us to share the song here:

With its calls to “blind the NRA” with the rising sun of the orange wave movement, “For the Love Of…” is hopeful and earnest, and ideal for rousing sing-alongs. The lyrics are posted below. What do you think?


For the love of my daughter

For the Love of my son

Can’t sit on the sidelines – no longer

Something must be done


I’m accepting the challenge

Every Dad should, too

Join this voter tsunami

Do what’s right and true


Orange is the neon sign

The flag to trigger change

It’s a brilliant rising sun

To blind the NRA


This wave is for Jaime

And all her angel friends

This is just the beginning

But where the carnage ends


Turn November orange

Like a big harvest moon

Elect caring, new leaders

Who won’t sing the same old tune … For the love of my daughter…

John Thomason
John Thomason
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