Not In A Restaurant Takeout Mood? Try These Options


These days call for creativity, and we’ve got that in truckloads here. 

Following is a list of spots that sell specific kinds of food. Most sell ingredients, but there’s a personal chef listed who prepares meals as requested. All of this is takeout/delivery with no contact. I’ve already written about some in previous postings. Here are more:

  • Mecca Family Farms, 7965 Lantana Road, Lake Worth; Offering boxes of produce (one kind per box, tomatoes, green peppers, etc.) at wholesale box prices, for $10 per box. There are a lot of pieces per box, so you can split this with a neighbor. Check the Facebook page for times each day.
  • Johnny’s Fish Dip, 1714 S. Dixie Highway, Lake Worth; Offering spicy fish dip ($11) and regular fish dip ($10) from fresh king fish caught locally. Order online. 
  • My Organic Meals, order online Offering ready-to-eat meals after you place your order. These are then delivered (first delivery is free) in recyclable, compostable containers. The menu choices are plentiful. 

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