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Not Your Average Avocado

Summer brings avocados to our table. As Floridians we’ve been watching the trees bloom and grow their tear-shaped fruit all winter, anxiously waiting for the mature dark green bounty to drop. Well now that they’ve arrived, there are endless options on how to enjoy them. Many love avocado toast, spreading the creamy fruit over toasted bread and topping it with an egg, cheese, or both. Others sprinkle it on salads or mash it into guacamole with diced onions and tomatoes, cilantro, and lime juice. But what about using it to replace cream in a dessert?

Chef Julien Gremaud of Avocado Grill knows a thing or two about incorporating the versatile fruit into his deliciously creative menus. His ideal way to eat an avocado: mixing it with Nutella for a silky chocolate mousse dessert. It was one of his first desserts on the Avocado Grill menu and successfully made the jump over to its sister concept, Avocado Cantina’s menu. “It is always a favorite and is the perfect way to get your nutrients in and sweet tooth satisfied,” he says.

Avocado Grill; 125 Datura St., West Palm Beach;
Avocado Cantina; 11701 Lake Victoria Gardens Ave., Palm Beach Gardens;

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Christie Galeano-DeMott
Christie Galeano-DeMott
Christie is a food lover, travel fanatic, bookworm, Francophile, and she believes art in all its forms is good for the soul. When she’s not writing about the incredible dishes, people and places that capture South Florida's culture and vibe, Christie is irresistibly happy in the company of her husband and a glass of red wine.

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