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NYFW 2017 Brings Bold Looks, Lace, Floral and Puppies to Fall Fashion


Let us start by saying how grateful we are for all of the people who have reached out to us in the wake of Hurricane Irma. The Boca Mag family has been so gracious and patient as we get our power and lives back together. It’s times like these where we truly appreciate how close-knit the Boca Raton community is.

We’re happy to report that we’re back! After a brief hiatus, we’re back to bring you our New York Fashion Week recap. In the midst of a hurricane it’s hard to think about fashion, but as life slowly gets back to normal, we are here to briefly take your mind off the madness and get back to business as usual.

So, what did we see at New York Fashion Week this year? The real question is, what didn’t we see? Celebrating the art of fashion for a great cause, Art Hearts Fashion kicked off New York Fashion Week with a spectacular display of talent from around the world. From Thursday Sept. 7 to Monday Sept. 11, designers featured didn’t hold back this year. They brought fashionable grunge to new levels while implementing seasonal pantone colors and texture—lots and lots of texture!

High fashion couture was bigger and better than ever with designers like Sanja Bobar, Mac Duggal, Arzamendi Style, Resty Lagare and many more.

Sanja Bobar

You’ll see bold colors in the name of couture fashion with this collection, implementing some of the most popular colors of the season while playing around with lace and chiffon overlays.


SanjaBobar2 SanjaBobar3 SanjaBobar1

Raul Peneranda

Raul Peneranda brought simplistic elegance to new levels with sheer lining and soft earth tones. Penaranda was declared by FORBES magazine as one of the fastest growing fashion entrepreneurs to come out of the small business industry and has been recognized by the Council of Fashion Designers of America for his work. His collection presented by Monster headphones was filled with energy and his signature Latin flair.

Raul5 Raul4 Raul3


Luciana Adulari

Germany’s Luciana Adulari displayed an elegant collection of evening and bridal gowns that would make any bride feel like a princess. Be prepared to swoon because Luciana Adulari will have you in awe with her crisp-white couture gowns, just in time for award season. If you haven’t noticed, celebrities are gracing the red carpet in white this season. They’ve opted for neutral colors with demure silhouettes in lieu of the vibrant colors of the past.

Luciana1 Luciana2 Luciana4 Luciana5 Luciana3

Jessie Lui

From San Francisco, Jessie Lui provided the perfect end to a perfect opening night and set the tone for a week that featured over 40 designers, hundreds of models and thousands of looks at the Angel Orensanz Foundation event space in Manhattan’s Lower East Side, the home of Art Hearts Fashion. Keeping with what’s in trend this season, Jessie Lui incorporated chambray and denim in the chicest way possible with pops of color and accessories to die for.

JessieLui1 JessieLui2 JessieLui4 JessieLui3


Fernando Alberto Atelier

Let there be color, and lots of it! There is one thing that will never go out of style, and that is floral. No matter the print, pattern or texture, floral accompanied by pops of color is here to stay.

Fernando5 Fernando1 Fernando4


Anthony Rubio

Did someone say puppies?! There is no cuter accessory than one with paws and designer Anthony Rubio knows just that. Anthony Rubio stole the spotlight with delightful dog couture and matching eveningwear.

AnthonyRubio1 AnthonyRubio2 AnthonyRubio3 AnthonyRubio4 AnthonyRubio5

Purvi Doshi

Meet India’s Purvi Doshi, whose fashion journey has lead her from a small basement shop to a two story stand alone flagship store in India’s top fashion district. The collection was an amazing spin on traditional attire with modern style. A chic twist on your everyday boho trend.





Mac Duggal

Powerhouse designer Mac Duggal was the star of the five o’clock hour, bringing a packed house of celebrities and fashion insiders to the venue, and you can see why as he wowed the crowd in dresses that featured swirling fringe, 3-D embroidery on lace, off the shoulder looks, stylish pearl beading, and dramatic shades of lilac and blue.

MacDuggal4 MacDuggal1 MacDuggal5 MacDuggal2 MacDuggal3 MacDuggal6

All photos by Arun Nevader/Getty Images

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